iono-20 Requiem


track listing:

01: Requiem.............................................9:33 min

02: A Solid Liquid....................................9:41 min

03: Stealth Camp.....................................8:35 min

04: In And Out Of A Dream State...........8:33 min

Just in time for Halloween. "Requiem", sounds to bring up the spirits in this transition season. The leaf's are leaving the trees from where they were born, and the day's are getting shorter. This is the time for non-actively, where dreaming gets longer and more lucid. Something about the dark season that brings alternative realities into your sleep. And this is just the beginning.

 Telegraphy summons spirits of dub and techno using colorful sounds and echos in "Requiem"   

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Smoke And Mirrors (Ann Arbor Hash Bash 2015)

words, photo, and video by: Telegraphy

The first Saturday of April is usually set aside for us to receive numerous contact buzzes. The wafting smoke clouds at the Ann Arbor Hash Bash  was thicker then usual. This years crowd on the University of Michigan diag, was larger than in past years. All thanks to the celebrity appearance of  cult movie icon Tommy Chong of "Cheech and Chong" fame. The crowd was so smoke saturated that your's truly wasn't able to make it up the steps to where all the speakers were soap boxing. Of coarse as usual John Sinclair made his appearance by jamming with Ann Arbors famed guitarist Laith Al-Saadi.

 I kept sensing that something was different this year. I roamed around the outskirts of this massive crowd, smoke billowing from inside, outside and around the crowd. As the white smoke shimmered in the early Spring sun light, I noticed the lack of Ann Arbors finest. I fact I only saw two police officers the whole time I was there (escorting one young man out of the Monroe Street Fair). But what got me was the fact that young people (eh hem, younger than me ) came out to see their hero dawned in green plastic fake hemp leaves and conveying the same stoner humor as he did in "Cheech and Chong". Yes Tommy Chong enjoying royalty satus, signed photos, albums, received the city of Hazel Park's key to the city (then passing a joint to city leaders) he was followed everywhere by young pot heads. Wow! John Sinclair, move over.

 Besides no cops and Tommy Chong, I was scratching my head figuring out why this years rally seemed awry. After the fan fair of the Hash Bash was slowing down for the day, I made my way to the Monroe Street Fair. Again something didn't seem right. After making my rounds of the venders who were peddling their brand of pot accessories: rolling papers, rollers, pipes, bongs; you name it they had a one stop shop for the eclectic stoner. Even in the back corner, a band of straight business students were selling brownies (non-tainted brownies). Pushing away tufts of smoke like tall weeds in a field, I meander around colorful people who were shoulder to shoulder in groups of small or large smoking circles. Finding my way around, I kept bumping into hippies selling hand crafted jewelry. Displayed in old leather suit cases, they quickly set up shop where ever they could find an open patch of ground (which is nearly impossible). "Huh", I thought to myself as I bumped into yet another peddler. Only this time I thought I was transported into the past. This business savoy man must of been a relative of a 1940's cigarette girl. With a small table strapped on him, this gentleman gave free samples of smoke. Rolling a splif for you. Now that's service.

   At this time the contact buzz had warn off and my sense of logic slowly came back. Leaving to go home I walked passed by Tommy Chongs swank black traveling bus, with included catering chief standing by with bar-b-q'ed goods. In front of his bus was yet another peddler, selling hemp necklaces hung off a single rope strung along the side of a truck. Young girls gather joyously to look at these organic body ware."Well", I said with a assured tone of voice, "Hash Bash is in business - The business of commercialization of weed".

    That's what was different this year.



Iono-19 Infernal Convolution

words, cover art and sounds: Telegraphy

01: Infernal Convolution ..........................6:20 min

02: Hearts, Made In Detroit.......................8:49 min

03: When Sounds Are Meaningless...........6:24 min

04: Distorted Reflections ...........................7:04 min

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 "Infernal Convolution" is certainly a release that can lift up a heavy heart with it's melodic synths and echoed drones. Warming us up from a long cold winter season, Telegraphy soothes us in red warm colored splashes of chords deep down to the core. A four track E.P. that starts off with it's titled track which beckons the awakening from the winter hibernation. Curiously familiar melodies, the listener just can't quite put ones finger on. "Hearts, Made In Detroit" and "When Sounds Are Meaningless" has it's own unique qualities that for some reason or another we've all heard before. Closing out with "Distorted Reflections", a dub laden techno track that high-lights Telegraphy's D.I.Y. audio gear know how with heavy metalized sounds of his harmonic reverb.                

Build A Mixing Bowl Harmonic Reverb

Words, photo,and sounds by: Telegraphy

Reverberation is the most common and fundamental form of audio effect. This natural occurring effect has audio engineers painstakingly devising better ways to be able to harness natures "audio plug-in". Whether  it's with software or hardware, one thing is certain. Mimicking nature is hard work. With all of today's advanced software reverbs out there, you still can not beat the hardware version.

  A while back I wrote an article describing how to build a D.I.Y. Plate Reverb The response I received from the D.I.Y. community  regarding this article was beyond my wildest dreams. I had no idea there was so much keen interest in hardware based effects out there. That same interest which got me started building the plate reverb, (more recently) persuaded me to take that very same concept and bring it to a whole new level. Taking advantage of a well known side effect all stringed instruments suffer from (wanted or not) a condition known as Sympathetic Resonance would become the foundation of my Mixing Bowl Harmonic Reverb.

 Mixing bowl ? More on that later.

 Before we begin, one has to understand what makes a plate reverb....Well, reverberate. Quoting from D.I.Y. Plate Reverb  
        The concept of a plate reverb is quite simple. An electromagnet, like the one found on a audio speaker, is directly or indirectly coupled to the center of a piece of sheet of metal. Audio from a sound source is fed into this electromagnet (voice coil) which will physically vibrate the piece of sheet metal (plate). These audio vibrations are echoed many times, echos which are in fact persistence of audio. The amount of persistence (reverberation) is determined by  the physical characteristics of the plate. These characteristics many include  length, height, and stiffness of the piece of sheet metal. Once reverberation has been set off in the plate itself, it then needs to be detected. This is accomplish by directly or indirectly coupling microphones to the plate. The micophones pickup the reverberations and sends them back to to be mixed  with the original "dry" audio.
 Now that we know how it works, let's take it to a higher level. Keeping this concept in mind, let's swap the plate with a pair of ordinary kitchen variety salad mixing bowls.......Not satisfied enough? O.K., we'll tie in between them, old used base guitar strings. This will produce some exciting harmonic reverberations. Yes I love excitement. That's why I have my nephew leave lego parts by my bed when I wake up in the morning. Bear foot of course. Exciting !!!  So, why use base strings? The strings act like frequency amplifiers. We can pick and choose what portions of the audio spectrum we want to enhance by way's of using different tuned strings. It works like this... The base strings are acted upon by sympathetic resonance. This condition is best described as when a loud sound directed toward a stringed instrument (ie.guitar or piano) it's strings will vibrate along with that sound. The most familiar exploit is singing into a guitar and hearing it's strings sing back at you.       

 The following article is a step by step description of a home built harmonic reverb.   

 Step 1 :

  The cost of building this reverb was around  $100. All materials needed (excluding electronics) were obtained at my local Lowes home hardware store. Electronics on the other hand, were from RadioShack.
materials needed

Some of the parts needed for this project were made in house. Having basic machine shop tools makes a big difference. If your not fortunate to have facilities to make your own parts, don't be afraid to ask your local Ma and Pop hardware store clerk on how they can improvise making parts for you. Why Ma and Pop hardware stores? Because, they have more experience and to put it simply: THEY HAVE TIME TO SERVE YOU!!

  The mixing bowls I purchased at my local Salvation Army second hand store. One thing you can count on at these stores (besides used underwear and soiled bed mattress) is having a great selection of kitchen gear. Perusing through the kitchen isle, a man feels out of place. Woman instinctively know your up to no good - Especially if your tapping each and every single pot and pan with your finger and then bristly putting it up to your ear ( just to hear how they vibrate) . It's just a hint for woman that this man isn't cooking quiche for dinner tonight.
The used base strings I "borrowed" from my brother who plays base guitar in his band "Air Base Guitar With No Amp Listening To Deathmetal"  Why base strings? I wanted this reverb to have better resonance down low. The small size of it's construction prohibits lower frequency response. To alleviate this problem, thick strings that resonate well at low frequencies are employed. Yea, we'll get you new strings one day bro. Your not using them now. Right? 


                                                                 Let the construction begin.
 Step 2:  Cutting the perforated angle iron into six 13 inch lengths plus two 9 inch lengths. Bolt them using 1/4-20 nuts and bolts. These measurements are somewhat critical as the points of the triangle has to clear the diameter of our mixing bowls. I this case it's a 8-1/4 inch diameter bowl. As for the three horizontal spreaders; I search high and low for an affordable alternative to which you would find in the metal stock section (they really rob you with highly priced "cheap" metal) So I found myself in the shelving and closet isle, because I have a closet full used close bought at Salvation Army store. And it's messy ! Looking around, I couldn't help but notice the 6 foot metal pipe used for closets. Priced at $9, this was 70% less then what you would find in the metal stock isle. Fantastic !   
Every band has a pyramid on their album.
This should be one of them.

 Now before we strap on those mixing bowls to the triangles, we need to punch some holes through the bowls. I used a 3/16 sheet metal punch but you can use the good old fashioned drill. Six evenly spaced holes along the top lip and one big 1/2 hole down in the center of the bowls base. Now before you go and mix someones salad - Tune those base strings  with homemade tuners.

 A 1/2 inch aluminum rod kept rolling under my foot. Thinking it was a safety hazarded, I cut it up into six 1-1/4 inch sections. "There, now I have six safety hazards" " Wait a minute! I can tune base strings with these. Just drill and tape 8-32 screws into them and make a through hole at the other end.    
Holes punched in bowls.
Lashing a base string through the hole at the other end of the tuner and then doing the same at the mixing bowl holes located around the lip. We now have the main component of the Mixing Bowl Harmonic Reverb. You can use as little or as many strings as you choose. Just keep in mind the tension of the strings will have to be spread out around the circumference of the mixing bowls evenly. Equal tension is what we're aiming for. I just inherently went for an even number of six. Because - Well because my brother had six. 


The finished tuner

Attached bowl
Pulling it taut!
Step 3: The reverb is starting to come together. Time for us to kick back, have an adult beverage ( under age folks please drink your Ovaltine) Reviewing on what was built :
 1:   Super structure made with perforated angle iron and closet tubing. 
 2:  Homemade tuners made from aluminum rod for tuning the base strings.
 3:  Lashing base strings to tuner and bowl
 4:  DRINK ........Why? Because no good project ever started with a bowl of salad! (no pun intended)

  Now the tuner(s) attaches to the bowl with the 8-32 screw running  through the holes punch around the lip of our mixing bowl. When all of the equally length strings are lashed to the other bowl, it is then time to attach both bowls to the triangles. This is done by using a method my father suggested. Threading hefty nylon cord through the hole drilled in the center of our mixing bowls,the nylon cord is wrapped around a dowel rod to keep it from slipping back out. Use nylon or some other material that's taut and won't stretch as much. It's really annoying having to re-tune your base strings every minute because of a stretchy cord.  

Now we're getting somewhere
Step 4:  Oh, you might have noticed that both mixing bowls do not look the same......I of them is a sauce pan. Sorry mom !

 Beyond being a bad boy and not knowing the difference between a fork and a spoon (Spork) , we have something that resembles a Mixing Bowl Harmonic Reverb. After struggling to slip our 32 inch closet metal tubes in place with all of the tension provide by the base strings. It is now time to transition over to making a transducer.

 Around here, we use good old fashioned car speakers as our transducer. Why? Well for one, I'm dirt poor and can't afford a $20 audio surface transducer and second, I have tons a old speakers just laying around (I'm a man - We keep the stupidest things)  So how do you intend on using an old Chrysler car speaker from the 1970's ?  For that I will once again be quoting from D.I.Y. Plate Reverb 

How to disembowel a speaker:
(the ionosonde way)
           1: Ripe out cone body. Use hobby knife to cut away cone right down to the dust cover.  "Making first incision"
           2: Cut away dust cover (being careful not to cut into the voice coil or the spider. DOING SO WILL RESULT IN COMPLETE DEATH. ) "nurse Mary, please hand me the forceps".
           3: Using what ever tool at your disposable, cut away speaker basket taking care not to cut away the connection terminals.(I used sheet metal nippers) "this limb needs to be removed, cut off saw nurse Mary"     
           4: Remove terminals leaving the metal mounting tabs( I'll use these as the voice coil mounts) "O.K. sutcher up the patient nurse Mary - My bill will be in the mail"

Ah, the Chrysler Deluxe speaker.

1) Cut diaphragm out
2) Trim access.
3) Use sheet metal nippers or what ever is handy to cut housing
away from core.
4) Cut out dust cover
exposing voice coil.
5) Make linking shaft out of dowel rod.
6) Glue in place. Making sure
not to glue voice coil to magnet. BAD!

Attach !

 A few notes about the transducer installation. Depending on how firm your bowls are attached to the super structure, you may need to screw the tip of the linking shaft firmly onto the bowl. Drilling a small hole through the side of the bowl where the linking shaft will rest upon, screw the tip of the shaft through that hole to firmly hold it in place. This firm connection of the linking shaft to the side of the bowl will ensure better prorogation of sound energy into the bowl. Secondly, the 8 ohm impedance of this transducer is to little for mixer boards to handle. So I put in line a step up audio transformer which gives it a better match so more sound energy can flow through.

 Lastly, the pick-up's . Again I shall quote D.I.Y Plate Reverb
Piss...hey you....What if I told you that Radio Shack has had a secrete only known to musicians for many years. You would say to yourself, "Telegraphy your crazy!!", has you search through those pro-audio gear catalog's looking at $100+ acoustic pickups. Well just between you and me (and keep this on the down-low) Radio Shack sells pickups for $4.49 each. They don't label them as such but instead their called Piezo Elements 1500-3000 Hz model: 273 073  The sound quality of this devices are great for the price.
Taking those $4.49 acoustic pickups (Piezo Elements) out of their packages, I realized that these pickups didn't look like your average piezo element.Well for starters, the elements are buried inside a blast proof, geek proof, flame resistant, and radiation proof  -  black plastic case. To extract this rare element, you need a good sharp hobby knife, a screw driver, and most of all - patience. All you have to do is pry open the top with a screw driver (sounds easy enough. Boy are you in for a treat). Down inside of it's impregnable case is the piezo element. It's almost press fitted down in there, so your going to need a hobby knife to gently pry it loss. 

Gluing the pick-ups on opposite sides of the "non-driven bowl" and then running the cabling from both pick-ups and driver transducer to a nice junction box with some 1/4 phone jack plugs. I can finally say it's done. Have another Ovoltine on me!

                                                                               Listen to the Harmonic reverb

Over The Time Cliff 2014

Words, photo and sound by: Telegraphy

  Ah yes, the calendar year approaches it's final and faithful end. Earlier this morning as I was putting on a fresh shirt and pants, freezing my buns off in this cold upstairs room I'd like to call "Ionosonde HQ". My body felt colder then outside. Maybe it's because my shirt has a holes warn into both of it's arm pits or maybe it's because of the unique type of cold that permeates throughout Detroit this time of the year. Warming up with a fresh cup of Jo, I was struggling to think of what I should write for the end of year blog post. After a successful second cup of coffee (God! I hate those hopelessly disappointing Turkish caffeine shots) which amply warmed up our biological engine. It presented a wonderful idea. Why not just write from deep within. Yea, we're going to get sappy.   

  So once again, I'm sitting here in Ionosonde HQ writing this blog, glass of nice hardy dark beer in hand, and with just a few more hours left in 2014. At which time when the old clock on the wall chimes 12:00am, we'll stumble out the back door to here one of Detroit finest attractions (the new years gun fire) Here, we don't mind small fireworks but when it comes to making a fashionable statement that only a Columbian war load would appreciate, we do it (right) with the right to bear arms.
 Taking my inspiration from this mornings cup of coffee, I want to thank each and every single one of you for listening to Ionosonde Recording releases throughout the years. It's only you who keeps me going. Weather it's through kind comments about a song or a release; or just by downloading a release. Without you the listener there would be on Ionosonde ( sounds like a public broadcast commercial).

 With all of the impassioned spilling of the gut done with (I'll do that later after my sixteenth beer thank you)  Let us reflect on this past years events. Last year I promise to considerate more on quality rather then quantity. Accomplishing this was well achieved, and with all the sacrifices coming along for the ride, Ionosonde Recordings material manage to become the sound track for many amateur film projects. Also to note Liz Berg a radio show DJ from WFMU has been play many of Telegraphy's tracks throughout the year. Thanks Liz.

 Gazing into the looking glass of 2015, I have been throwing a few ideas around to get Ionosonde more exposure in the netlable scene. More on that later in the year (new website ?) and as always Telegraphy will continue to release his unique brand of dubtechno and experimental electronic music.

 Right about this time as I'm writing. I'm getting more and more enveloped in this hardy dark beer. Feeling it's vibes as the clock ticks down to 12 o'clock, I once again give you a gift for the new year or more accurately Eggie Kishnoshky presents one

download "Last Years Walk" here

Not only dose he bequeath a analog gift but a digital one in the form of a special track Telegraphy performed live in Ionosonde studio on this very day. Affectionately entitled "Last Years Walk", this homage to all things we do at the end of the year, is available only on this blog post.  

As 12:00 a.m. rolls in, I leave you with an image of one of Detroit's most mysterious characters. Burying the past in ankle deep snow and presenting the new year with a gift in his hands, Eggie Kishnoshky is just another figment of our imagination that slips through time in a city that's decaying back into sand.


                                  Solitudes from Detroit,


The Eposide Of The Weird Record Store

Words and photo by: Telegraphy

 I woke up today with a bad hang over after a night of hard producing in Ionosonde's tiny studio closet. After stepping out of bed nearly crushing a old 78 rpm record on the floor, I decided to take a trip to my favorite used record shop in Detroit. The pounding of my hung-over head said, "No, think of your future!",  but all the while my wallet said, "Yes. Yes! Think of us, you didn't spend us on alcohol last night". Giving in to the temptation, I unknowingly stepped on that poor 78 record anyways. CRACK!!!!!

 Having now a legitimate reason to go,  I raced towards downtown. Like the late (very late) arriving winter weather here in Detroit - the construction season in downtown was early (very early). Taking alternate rout after alternate rout felt like a race coarse but instead of winning the scantily clad girl at the end, you win a free parking spot. Sweet!!

 Grabbing a cup of tea at the coffee house across the street, I noticed that the ambiance of this place felt weird. Now I've been in this establishment before. I know what the 
baristas are like (lousy attitudes - but with a smile). But something was array. First they had set up a "Your host will seat you " sign right beside the bar (In a coffee house - Really?) I stood waiting in line patiently and then the host, will call her "The Host" came up to the well crafted hand painted sign (by one of the art student baristras) She looked at me as if she is ready to seat me. I signaled to her in semaphore that I'm in line for the bar to get a "too go" tea. She signaled a response in her own unique (I'm college student and I'm special, kind of way) "Make a new line over here! NOW !!!!".  After growing a new head, because the old one was ripped off by "The Host" I finally made got up to the bar. "Huh, earl grey tea to go please" I said to one of (cordial, in their own way) barista, with a hint of defeat in my already small voice. The  barista took the $20 I pasted her had a weird look in her eyes and said, "Do you have anything smaller?". With reluctance,  thinking why would a busy place like this would need a smaller bill. I felt around each pocket, tring to find exact change using pocket change. Spending a great deal of time amusing costumers behind me in my act of monetary desperation,  I speedy made my way out the door only to have the  barista yell out," Hey you for got your earl grey!"

  At the record store across the street (which will remain un-named to protect the innocent), I waited for the proprietor to unlock the golden gates of this sonic heaven at the early hour of 11:00 am. Finally.  I was greeted  with the owner and his adolescent pit bull sternly staring me down as he unlocks the automatic locked front door. Saying nothing at all to me, not even a hello, he quickly slams door behind him leaving me awkwardly standing their outside the door as more costumers gather behind me with puzzled looks in their eyes as to say, "Aren't you going in or what ?" . Grabbing the well warn brass knob, I gingerly pushed the powder blue door O.P.E.N., only to be blocked by the proprietors pit bull.....barking at me as if I were an intruder. "Don't fear little one, I'm only here to purchase 78 rpm records" I mur mured  under my breath in a clam, mellow consciousness.

 A little back story......A few years ago I learned about this place from the local free news paper. Yes, news papers still exist. Walking in there one day I asked kindly weather or not they had any old 78 records laying around. They pointed me to the deep dark, mildew ridden basement where only a few 40 watt light bulbs lit stacks and stacks of milk crates filled with Bakelite disks. They had thousands of 78's. A goldmine if you ask me. One could spend weeks down there perusing  this vast collection. Like an underground hidden government facility, this place is only known to those who ask nicely. I was clearly one of the very few given access to this highly secretive underground record bunker. So every now and then I would visit this record store, ask the owner kindly to go down stairs and "look". Without a problem, he always agreed.

 So back in the store with an alert bit bull grinning as to show his choice of  weaponry (nicely sharpened K-9's). I made my way up to the back counter where all transactions take place. Weaving around several center isles of record bins in this 6 by 9 powder blue colored, hole in the wall style record shop maned by thirty somethings. With minimal shwag or prized record finds on the wall ( don't want to disrupt the customers concentration) the silence from the stores off hours was being banished from one of two 33 rpm record players starting up with the familiar crackle of a needle being dropped.  The first record of the day, a mid 80's synth pop track. With synthesized syncopated kick drum beats pumping over the second hand speakers (garage sale specials if you ask me). I went up to the guy who's more or less the second in command. I always had a hunch that these guys were Startrekies stuck in the wrong profession. They weren't that sociable. The owner - well the owner was like most others. I mean,  have you ever met a happy and easy to talk with store owner? Ah yes, these two space fighters of the S.S. intergalactic record shop space command is setting course for warp disco drive. Asking him nicely to go into the basement as I have always done before, because he and I seem to get along quite well in the past. Thinking to my self, "It's cool, he knows me".

 A very "Snooky" pregnant kind of pause past, second in command guy turns to fearless leader with attack pit bull at his side and say's hesitantly as if unshure to sell anything to me, "Do we still have those 78's in the basement?" Another long pause. "I think we put those storage somewhere" the owner said with another unsure tone. "You think?" I thought to myself. O.K.! Freeze this holodeck simulation. "You guy's realy don't want to sell me 78's do you? " Thinking again to myself as sweat pours down each of their faces with liar written all over. Then as an act of kindness, second in command guy nervously hofs under his fabulist breath, "but, we have some in the corner over here". "Great "I said, "do you mind if I look at them?" Mumbling indecipherables between each other as if tho speaking in record shop klingon. "O.K.? I take that as a yes".

 Digging through the top milk crate I find a couple of 78's that I'm satisfied with. One of those already had a price sticker of $1. You see this record shop doesn't price it's collection of 78's - only LP's and 45's you'll find prices on them. Not many young people my age are interested in 78's. You'll only find Hipsters in this record shop rummaging through 1960's rock and 80's pop records. So, as always I had to give my 78's to the counter guy who then will apprise them. Hiding behind their trendy Apple laptop's, they tap into a highly sophisticated record store pricing network where other record shopies use there appraisal powers to judge on the exact price of a particular record. With vast computing power at his finger tips, he logs into this underground world of the "Darknet"  to ultimately figure out the price to charge me (ah yeah, Ebay).

 O.K. here yea go! he said with a commanding voice (which was a change from before). $1 for this one $2 for this and $5 for this one and....Oh yeah $70 for this. The shock wave from my gaw dropping on their trendy powder blue floor, rippled through the gently disturbed customers with there noises deep within the  record bins. "How much did you say? " with a perplexed look on my face. "Ah - $70 " he said with a clam, (nothings wrong because everyone can afford that kind of money) type of voice. I pulled out the wad of change money I received from that $20 I spent at the coffee house across the street. Anticipating earlier to use that money to buy a few "Cheap 78's" Ha ha ha, not here ! Using a soft, liberally shocked voice, I pleaded to him, " I didn't bring enough money. I can only afford the $1, $2, and $5 record. With a thunderous voice of Zeus he shouted "THEN DON'T COME HERE AGAIN!!!". Instead of being Liberally shocked, I was now Bolshevik Communist shocked.  He then went on a rage, "We get a lot of your type around here. Ballers and high rollers that flash big money." With a straight face he specifies ,  "They have us price 78's and only buy the cheapest ones" "78's ARE EXPENSIVE !!"  The customers with there noise in the record bins, over heard his commandment of "Tho shall not shop here again" stuck their noise even deeper into the bins. I payed the $8 and ran out with my tail between my legs. Being more or less embarrassed to the fact that most of the customers in the record shop were a group of hot woman being subject to a scene of this weirdo guy receiving a sharp tongue.

 Leaving the stores parking lot, I turned on the cars radio. Tuning to the local NPR station, the first words uttered from the announcer was, "It's national Record Store Day. Happy Record Store Day".                                   


iono-18 Me, Without A Name

words, cover art and sounds: Telegraphy

01: Sneaking Behind, To Scare Yourself ..........................7:34 min

02: Speak Of It, Is Not To Think Of It.........................10:23 min

03: Taking Thy Self To Prom (ballad of singles).................6:42 min

04: The Last Leaf That Hangs On....................................7:29 min

05: Leaf (Monopole recondition) ......................................9:14 min

download album

 Telegraphy's eighteenth release here on Ionosonde Recordings. Tying our shoes on bubble gum ground is as close as a description for this "shoe gazed" five tracked experimental dubed techno EP. "Me, Without A Name" explores the inner most part of ourselves. The "I" of consciousness is only but a clumsy word that attempts to describe you and me. Without the "I", how can we have the "ME". The two must exist. So - "I" Telegraphy give you "Me, Without A Name." Enjoy!                

iono-17 "Earth Stereo"

words, cover art and sounds: Telegraphy

track listing:

01: Cosmic Induction Generation...................6:50 min

02: Versor Algebra........................................6:20 min

03: Extraluminal Transmission ........................7:50 min

04: Four Quadrant Theory..............................8:18 min

download album

 Influenced by the genius renegade electrical engineer and teacher Eric P. Dollard who is better known as the modern day living Tesla. "Earth Stereo"by Telegraphy is a sound journey through the mind of this brilliant inventor. If synthesizers could speak of his work - they would sound like this. Speaking in occult mathematics and higher understanding of fundamental electronics, Telegraphy puts in motion the fundamentals of sound. With a full range of dub techno echos and reverb, each track contains hidden aspects of natural math and tonalities. Pushing the boundaries of the low end spectrum with base and plenty of it (just like with Eric's experiments) Telegraphy opens up a new door to revel a new direction for dub techno to go in.