All roads leave behind Detroit

Words and photo by Telegraphy

Driving down the side streets in Detroit just north of the Renaissance Center, one will come across the skeletal remains of "old Detroit". Medium to small size factories slowly decaying under the new world economy. Buildings partially burnt down with every single construction material of value striped away by metal-scrungers. And it isn't just a small select part of the motor city, no, it's the whole damn city thats crumbling. Large swaths of industrial parks, sub-divisions and yes even residential neighborhoods are meticulously being eroded away by neglect, drugs and a corrupt city government. This is the present day car capital of the U.S. and it is said that Detroit's is in a change over from "old money" to "new money". The old wealthy that earned their fortune from the booming car industry during the 1950's 60's and 70's, have moved on to other endeavors overseas or have just passed on; to the new young hipsters cashing in on small grass roots business. The twenty-cade's (that's my hipster slang for 2010's) is the age of economic changing of hands in Detroit.

What if there was a new, young, hipster type Henry Ford of the twenty-cade's that had the vision of building a contemporary form of transportation with emphasis on self reliant and infinite energy? Would he or she be able to manufacture such a devise without constraints from big oil? As the monopoly controlled media says to keep you in suspense, "stay tuned".

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