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Words and art by: Telegraphy

The buzz word going around the twenty-something generation here in the metropolitan Detroit area and surrounding communities is "D.I.Y.". Everything from making your own arts and craft to self-releasing your own record, has created a boarder line subculture with the young kids (crap I'm feeling old already). Although one aspect of this D.I.Y. movement is the over saturation of "community collective art gallery's". They are everywhere!

Is this what Detroit needs right now? Are these mom and pop gallery's actually committed to their original agenda of maintaining a platform for any young and aspiring artist or are they pledging to a business model and only accepting "profitable artist". Myself, I'd like to find the answer's to these hot button question's. I've never had my art in some hollowed out gallery with druged-up art students critiquing the subtle philosophy surrounding my photograph of pencil sticking out of a orange.

But what I do know is that there has been in the past few years a "original idea" of building and maintaining art spaces. It is so original, that the young kids have been borrowing this idea from each other and passing it around like prostitute at a frat party. Just yesterday on Detroit public radio, I listened intently to a interview of a young (and in my opinion a sexy sounding) lady that had the intention of opening up.......(wait for it).......a community art center in the hip and happening town of Ferndale. This town, with it's very laxed attitude toward gays and lesbians read here has been (again, in my opinion) the center of Detroit's D.I.Y. art community. This hasn't been a freak occurrence interview on Detroit's NPR station, No theres been numerics interviews of others with the same intent that I can remember hearing. Even the free weekly publication of the Detroit hipster community (The Metro Times) has published more then enough articles about young go-getters getting their hands messy trying to set up a business. Ops, did I say business. I mean grassroots initiative to enhance community involvement in the arts.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong to bash the Detroit art community. Maybe I should put the money where my mouth is and at least have a go at D.I.Ying my own grassroots initiative to enhance community involvement in the arts. I mean business. Although I have tried submitting my art work to various art gallery's, only to have been rejected on all occasions. Maybe it is time I get off my Joe six-pack behind, stop complaining and make something of myself. WAIT! I've got! I'll build and run an art gallery!

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