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Coming to you from the economic black-hole of America better known as Detroit. One of the great things about being single and living in a city where your chances of meeting a compatible mate is as good as McDonald's switching to a vegetarian menu; is that you can do anything you want and have the great feeling of anonymity. This weekend I will do just that, because Detroit will host the Detroit Electronic Music Festival(DEMF). Yes grab your best dancing shoes, not the ones in the dusty corner of your closet, but the ones on the living-room bookcase. You know, in the solid gold box. Anyways, I'm not just going there to dance and mingle with the freaks and geeks. No I'm attending this festival of broken down beats to take photos, mosty of freaks and geeks.

The reason of my excitement of the DEMF is that it attracts a fresh crowd every year and what better subjects to take photos of then freaks and geeks (they dress so fashionably). For the most part I what to try out my repaired and cleaned vintage Kodak 35 SRF. This strange looking camera was in bad shape a few days ago. It poised the typical Kodak 35 problem of tearing up film, the lens was fogged with scum and the split range viewfinder needed to be recalibrate. With my brain surgeons dexterity, I took-apart, cleaned and recalibrate. All without a assembly diagram(look Ma'ma. No manual).

Other plans are assembling a ambient/sound-scape set using vintage Amateur Radio equipment and various other vintage electronics. Also trying to build a new Crystal Set receiver. This one using parts from a old Atwater-Kent TRF radio.

Plans for the future. Only thing left is to find time to to make these plans a reality.

As a side note to "Good fun in the bad part of Detroit". That day all three of us visited the "Heidelberg Project" on the east side of Detroit. Here are some photos from that visit.

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