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If the future was then ?The Detroit JitDoes nature have feelings?All roads leave Detroit behindDoes nature have feelings? 1ionosonde pilar
Temple elevator motorTemple elevator motor 1Packard Plant PlumbingTemple motor 22:00 a.m. Coney DogThe exclusive live in Detroit
Old Detroitionosonde 1ionosondeNew age booksIf life could only tell us 1Detroit truth
Secret PlacesSecret Places 2If Only Life Could Tell Use2011 Ann Arbor Hash Bash 12011 Ann Arbor Hash Bash 22011 Ann Arbor Hash Bash 3

About the photographer:

Richard Sudney (a.k.a. Telegraphy) is a self-tough photographer. For over six years he has been producing silver gelatin photos in his basement. A laundry room by day but when the night falls it magically transforms into a full-featured darkroom.

His photography has a wide range of subject matter, ranging from photo-documentary to minimal abstract to theatrical nude compositions. One gets the sense that Richard has many influences as evidence of his multi-genera portfolio.

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