Movement I (video)

"Four Pieces for A Lonely Walk" is a musical interpretation for a series of photographs taken by Telegraphy (aka Richard Sudney). These night time photo's were taken on one of Telegraphy's all night walks though-out his neighborhood and surrounding communities of Detroit. A experimental concept E.P., "Four Pieces For A Lonely Walk" is filled with ambient heavily filtered micro samples of field recording made by Telegraphy. Best described as "future tone" sound, Telegraphy creates sounds from the distant future by influences from images of the past.

Comprising mostly of "un-focused lights" from downtown Detroit, "Movement I" is a textural polychromatic dream-world of Telegraphy. Using video mode on his Fuji DSLR and setting it comfortably on the dash board of his Volkswagen Jetta, Telegraphy rides to night school down Jefferson Dr. He is able to force the camera's auto focus - out of focus, by training the camera onto distant objects, there by disorientating the auto focus . This process delivers a kaleidoscope of color and textures, giving the elution of cosmic body's floating in space. Climax of "Movement I" encompasses a drifty ride inside a underground highway, where the camera's again deliberately out of focus on the side wall of the tonal and then disappearing into a deep blue void where the Renascence Center appears "in focused".
Using Windows Movie Maker, Telegraphy produced this video in one sitting, about 2 hours. It took more time to upload all of the various shoots then it did to make the video. Taking full advantage of filters and plug-ins available in Windows Movie Maker, Telegraphy increases color definition and texture to the point of paralleling the sound tracks "future tone" sound.

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