..and now. Photo's of strange places

photo and words by: Telegraphy

Detroit manufacturing V 2.0

                                                            Illford PanF 50 120 f=16 at 1/60 sec. Toned print with emerald ink.

During the weekends on my days off of work, I ride my bike around the downtown area of Detroit. With a heavy backpack on my back filled with film cameras and a tripod strapped to the side, I search around for interesting areas of Detroit to photograph. Beyond the end of the Dequinder Cut (which is a bike path constructed on top of a abandoned railway bed) there is this opened field of tall grass with a abandoned factory in the distance. This, in my opinion depicts what Detroit is turning into; A rural landscaped in the heart of a major American city. A city that the U.S. forgot. Politics, crime, drugs, and just plain irresponsibility are all a factor in the deconstruction of what was once a great American city.

                                                        Derelict side of the bridge

                                                                                 Illford PanF 50 120 f=16 at 1/60 sec. Toned print with emerald ink
  I'm sure you have seen many photograph's of this bridge (the Bel isle bridge). But I never seen photos of this bridge taken on the south side. Why? Well the south side of this bridge is not a place to be alone in. It's overgrown and hidden. Access to this inconspicuous place is a maze of dirt paths that have been warn-down by fishermen, the homeless, drug users, and prostitutes. Empty liqueur bottles blanket the ground along the river shoreline. Taking your bike through here is not recommended.

Someone in detroit video

For some time now, ionosonde recordings had released a wonderful, audience acclaimed live set "Somewhere In Detroit" [iono-5]. Not to be confused with DJ3000's mix tape released on Electrofunk records in 2008. Ionosonde recordings released this highly experimental Detroit techno dark pop album last summer.

 Like a melodramatic daytime soap opera , the accompanied video of this album became more popular then the actual release it's self. This forty minute video was intended only to be a superfluous demonstration of a experimental form of DJing. Using a old vacuum tube communications radio, Telegraphy (Richard Sudney) manipulated in real time, atmospheric sounds of shortwave that became a bed-work backdrop.

 Unlike common DJing video's one might find on youtube where the DJ or artist  points a chair mounted  cellphone video camera at one's self while doing there set (usually at a awkward angle and with no mixed audio). So Telegraphy took it apon himself to produce a lengthy music video with good audio and more importantly, video content un-other  then a still ,un-manned one seen shot of the DJ. Watching  forty minutes of bad ass DJ gets to be annoying.

  So Telegraphy is doing it again. This time with a better quality video camera. and more video footage of surrounding Detroit and it's grimmy beauty.

   "Someone in Detroit" is a forty-five minute live set that embraces dark Detroit pop with pausing's of experimental Detroit tech-no, noise, and dark ambient sound-scapes. Telegraphy pushes the boundaries out of the occult electronic music scene and into the revealed sound environment. The whole intention of this live set is to be a continuation of the monumental live performance "Somewhere In Detroit" [iono-5] . Ionosonde recordings is hoping the same misfortune that was given to [iono-5] will be graced onto [iono-9].  All tracks were written and produced by Richard Sudney(Telegraphy) 2012.