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photo and words by: Telegraphy

Detroit manufacturing V 2.0

                                                            Illford PanF 50 120 f=16 at 1/60 sec. Toned print with emerald ink.

During the weekends on my days off of work, I ride my bike around the downtown area of Detroit. With a heavy backpack on my back filled with film cameras and a tripod strapped to the side, I search around for interesting areas of Detroit to photograph. Beyond the end of the Dequinder Cut (which is a bike path constructed on top of a abandoned railway bed) there is this opened field of tall grass with a abandoned factory in the distance. This, in my opinion depicts what Detroit is turning into; A rural landscaped in the heart of a major American city. A city that the U.S. forgot. Politics, crime, drugs, and just plain irresponsibility are all a factor in the deconstruction of what was once a great American city.

                                                        Derelict side of the bridge

                                                                                 Illford PanF 50 120 f=16 at 1/60 sec. Toned print with emerald ink
  I'm sure you have seen many photograph's of this bridge (the Bel isle bridge). But I never seen photos of this bridge taken on the south side. Why? Well the south side of this bridge is not a place to be alone in. It's overgrown and hidden. Access to this inconspicuous place is a maze of dirt paths that have been warn-down by fishermen, the homeless, drug users, and prostitutes. Empty liqueur bottles blanket the ground along the river shoreline. Taking your bike through here is not recommended.

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