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For some time now, ionosonde recordings had released a wonderful, audience acclaimed live set "Somewhere In Detroit" [iono-5]. Not to be confused with DJ3000's mix tape released on Electrofunk records in 2008. Ionosonde recordings released this highly experimental Detroit techno dark pop album last summer.

 Like a melodramatic daytime soap opera , the accompanied video of this album became more popular then the actual release it's self. This forty minute video was intended only to be a superfluous demonstration of a experimental form of DJing. Using a old vacuum tube communications radio, Telegraphy (Richard Sudney) manipulated in real time, atmospheric sounds of shortwave that became a bed-work backdrop.

 Unlike common DJing video's one might find on youtube where the DJ or artist  points a chair mounted  cellphone video camera at one's self while doing there set (usually at a awkward angle and with no mixed audio). So Telegraphy took it apon himself to produce a lengthy music video with good audio and more importantly, video content un-other  then a still ,un-manned one seen shot of the DJ. Watching  forty minutes of bad ass DJ gets to be annoying.

  So Telegraphy is doing it again. This time with a better quality video camera. and more video footage of surrounding Detroit and it's grimmy beauty.

   "Someone in Detroit" is a forty-five minute live set that embraces dark Detroit pop with pausing's of experimental Detroit tech-no, noise, and dark ambient sound-scapes. Telegraphy pushes the boundaries out of the occult electronic music scene and into the revealed sound environment. The whole intention of this live set is to be a continuation of the monumental live performance "Somewhere In Detroit" [iono-5] . Ionosonde recordings is hoping the same misfortune that was given to [iono-5] will be graced onto [iono-9].  All tracks were written and produced by Richard Sudney(Telegraphy) 2012.


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