Why so free (spilling the beans about ionosonde)

Telegraphy: as always, doing things the hard way.
  So why dose Telegraphy give away his releases for free, without charge? As an artist you do one of two things with your material. 1: Create art on the premise that you do it all the time and it come naturally. Doing it for the love of it and you don't care weather or not someone else likes it. 2: Making it and running with it all the way to the bank. To make a career out of your art is very risky, all of the contents of your work depends on how popular or likable your art is going to be with a broad range of a music listening audience (hence, pop art).   

  Ionosonde Recordings is definitely not in the second category. I always thought of this project (Ionosonde Recordings) has a way to cultivate creativity. Being the second category inherently trades creative thoughts for creative financial cunning, it's by far no place for me to play around in. I just don't see a viable nich in the music making market for Ionosonde Recordings to be in. It's hard enough to run a one artist netlabel with all of distractions in my daily life such as my day job (which doesn't pay the bills) and other daily choirs, it's amazing to look back and see all of the time I spent working hard to put together this project literally from nothing. Saving up for equipment, learning how to run a netlabel, setting up a webpage, mastering, advertizement, writing, all of these trades I learned on my own. No one showed me how ( and those WikiHow pages on how to run a netlabel, they only tell you the bear basics).

So, why so free? I feel that my material isn't "record label quality" in the sense that the music I produce dose not fall into the second category. Not wanting to sound as if I'm selling myself short artistically but sometimes an artist has to look at their work realistically and make a decision weather or not said work is equipped with the proper mechanisms for a worth-while sale. A buyabul album must have the  sound, which is popular among many different types of music listening individuals. My audience isn't broad enough for a record company to make money.  I hate to sound negative about myself as an artist, but the fact is that my music and writing is created for my pleasure and not to tickle the toes of a record executive. If along the way a person should feel the need to download one of my songs, GREAT! If someone else doesn't, thats great as well. I'm just happy that one person listened to it. To charge money for an album that no one will like is a direction that I'm not willing to take. So I just give my work for free.

                                              Thanks for downloading the free sounds!
                                                      What do you think?
  Should ionosonde recordings start charging for downloading? Should we get into the record making business? Comment down below and tell us!              

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