Forty days until December 21, 2012

Forty days till December 21 2012 [2]
words and photo by: Telegraphy

Almost a month away from the suposive end of the world (December 21, 2012) which was foreseen by the Incas, or was it the Mayan calendar. Who ever it was, they predicted a major change in our modern world but even though we know that there was a prediction, what we don't know is what kind of change was foreseen. Some theorist suggest a massive catastrophic change in the earth itself such as shifting of the magnetic poles or a massive asteroid will hit the earth, wiping out everything. To contrast these gruesome predictions, others suggest  humanity will reap new understandings in conscience that will re-engineer our genes to produce a more god like human. What ever it's going to be, one thing we can count on is that our personal lives will change on December 21, 2012.

Forty days till December 21, 2012 [1]
So how dose this tie into these distant looking photos that resident artist Telegraphy shot the other day? Well for one he did some great research on the occult side of downtown Detroit (Stonehenge of Detroit) which revels the alignment of some streets in the downtown area of Detroit are astrologically significant. Sort of like Stonehenge, that astrological calender in Scotland where all of those pagans meet on summer solstice to do..... Well to do what pagans do best; dance and play music while saying ,"So mote it be". This Stonehenge of Detroit is like a calender, a big urban calender that coincidentally is the epicenter for the whole of Detroit. Most streets in this city are based upon the alignment of this occult instrument, an instrument that may or may not point to an astrological event on December 21, 2012 un-other then the rising sun.
   On this date at sun rise , Telegraphy shall be present, recording what might be the must significant event in human history. The misfortunes of last years winter solstice research event, where the cloudy overcast skies inhibited the rising sun for viewing, will hopefully not repeat itself this year. On Sunday November 11, 2012 with ancient predictions in mind, Telegraphy composed these photos exactly forty days before this unprecedented date.The intentions of these photo's is to somehow treat the viewer to a futuristic scene of Detroit. A glimpse into post-December 21, 2012.        

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