Over the time cliff

words and photo by: Telegraphy

  11:00 pm December 31, 2012 should be the time when I'm out having fun but no I'm here writing this
for you, gathering my thoughts and wisdom of what transpired in the past 365 sun cycles. So as I reminisce of what happened or what should of - I've come to the conclusion that 2012 for ionosonde recordings was a great year ( artistically speaking). Telegraphy has evolved more so then in any other year, all thanks to better equipment and of course greater feed back from you the audience.    

 With this in mind, Telegraphy has unleashed himself from the occult electronic music world and into the exposed sound environment. With opportunities abound, Telegraphy has two tracks that will be release on an actual record label - namely heterodyne records  which will be released on a various artist  L.P. due out in January of 2013. Yes this will be the first time where you will have to pay to here Telegraphy.

Eggie Kishnoshky - abandon projects just outside
                                  downtown Detroit
  But enough of Telegraphy. Ionosonde recordings has manifested itself in a way I've never expected it to be: The only true one artist underground netlabel in Detroit. No one has done it in this town but ionosonde. So now as it's nearing that witching hour where I'll go outside and make some noise, and then only to have that noise suppressed by the thundering sounds of semi and fully automatic guns being fired off at midnight here in Detroit. I'll leave you with a end of the year appearance by the most mysterious  Polish American from hamtown U.S.A. ( Hamtramck ) the city inside of Detroit. Eggie Kishnoshky, who is posing for the camera at an abandon project just on the outskirts of downtown Detroit, presents you a gift to usher in the new year. A old transmitting vacuum tube in hand, a 813 tube to be exact, as a metaphorical gesture for 2013.  

               Happy new years and solitudes from Detroit

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