Detroit music festival 2013

Words and last photo by: Telegraphy

  One morning while driving to one of Detroit's last true record stores, the traffic I was  following meandered it's way through "rough on the edges" neighborhoods. The slow precession of old beat up compact cars, hoped from traffic light to traffic light. I wasn't in a rush to get to the record store and neither was anybody else. Heck, it was Saturday morning - everybody was taking it easy after a long hard work week. This crawling parade of dilapidated four wheeled ghetto cruisers, gave me a chance to gaze my attention to the lush scenery - abandon schools to factories that are more akin to empty eggshells, I thought to myself," wouldn't it be cool for Detroit to have something where bands or a musical performers can have an event which would pop out of nowhere in one of these abandon properties, like a old fashioned rave". The location of such event wouldn't be broadcast only until the day of. An underground party if you will. On a side note, there is one such event that I know of that subscribes to this style. Detroit funk night is an event that hops from bar to bar. Every last Friday of the month their at a different location.

    Now, surly you think to yourself, "In a creepy neighborhood, in Detroit?".  Think about it (I'm looking at you event planners) what better odds do you have in making a honest buck - in a run down bar somewhere in Hamtramck or at an abandon  location somewhere in Detroit ?. Heres a rundown of some of the expenses you might encounter at "hole in wall bar" and compare that to "land groping free Detroit" :

Hole in wall bar          
1) Renting out the place (this could be the biggest expense out of them all)
2) Paying for the alcohol ( if you want happy costumer's and a band or DJ that will have fun - there's nothing more worst then having a crabby band leader or DJ on the stage acting like a two year old)
3) Security ( yes,  big well built Egor's that only lets in the ladies he's going to bed with later that night)
4) Parking ( sometimes you might have to pay for this modern age luxury. A secure parking lot in some areas is a good thing)

Land groping free Detroit 
1) Renting ( Ha, ha, Seriously folks. You didn't think you had to pay anything in Detroit, heck over half of the residence don't even pay there taxes)

  I'm not here trying to sell this idea or try to convince any party planner that this is the perfect time to hold a free event somewhere in Detroit. I mean know one in their right mind would take advantage of Detroit's incredibly low land rental fees. I mean big names like Metalica, Red Hot Chilli peppers, and the Deftones wouldn't dare come to Detroit for fear of losing money  Orion Music Festival then again I digress. The Orion Music Festval as you may or may not know, is planing to be at Belle Isle this summer. Known as Americas largest inner city island, Belle Isle this summer will host big name bands and will ultimately become home to thousands of hot, sweaty, and drunk metal-heads.

Detroit's favorite soft drink.

 Certainly this paradise island doesn't have world class facilities to accommodate world class entertainers. Belle Isle, which by the way is having it's financial problems stemming from bad governmental decisions, has virtually been abandon by the city of  Detroit. The basic functioning of this place is almost non-existent. Now there has never been a music festival to my knowledge of this magnitude on the island - EVER. So let me get this straight, This Orion Music Festival is holding it's event on an island that hasn't been fully operational since 2000? Maybe the city of Detroit offered Orion a deal that they couldn't refuses? Or maybe their coming just to divulge in Detroit's favorite soft drink?
  Another festival that took advantage of the city of Detroit's "rental fees" was the short lived free festival - The Detroit Electronic Music Festival  from 2000 - 2004. This festival went under several different management until 2005 when it started charging an enterence fee. Changing ownership once more in 2006, Paxahau  an event promotions company, presently continues to consistently run the DEMF every Memorial day weekend where they consistently jack up the admission fee every year. You might say, "Telegraphy, you seem to have some animosity towards the DEMF nowadays ?" Yes you are correct on that assumption and for answering today's question right, you will be entered into our drawing for a chance to win a  life time supply of Faygo. Animosity only towards the fact that Detroit's crown joule festival has sold-out. I remember attending this event when it was free. The people that came back then were music lovers, and they attended just for that reason alone. I don't think it's fair to say that today's crowd doesn't have the same intentions. Then again, I digress.
we're here for the music.

Vicks vapor rub, anyone?

Molly Monster


  Free music festivals brought like minded people together. It started revolutions to the extent that it changed the fabric of our lives. Everything from art to philosophy can change when a mass of people comes together to explore different sounds, different individuals and modes of  alternative thinking. I real do feel that greed has pulled the carpet out from underneath the free music festivals of America. It's prime time for a revolution here in Detroit. We have the infrastructure, the open land (a lot of open land) . We also have a lost generation that so desperately needs a community to come to, to share the most basic language us humans have to give to each other, without charge - MUSIC     

For whom the Belle tolls. by:Telegraphy

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