Telegraphy liveset

As part of the ongoing podcast series of Heterodyne Records , Telegraphy assembled a 60 minute liveset of his own material exclusively for this record label. Released as HTDNP011 via firstly as a live steamed video (which can be viewed here) then as a podcast. Using tracks from Telegraphy's discography (2011 - 2013) ranged from ambient too dark Detroit techno.

  Starting off this set with a dark, cold, and slow rhythm-ed introduction that gradually builds into "Kurz-above Transmissions". With mid-track pausings of soundscaped noise to adjust the listeners attention to prepare them for a different journey. Beyond the friendly resting period are dubed minimalistic sounds in the styled by Telegraphy. Ending this set takes the listener back to the summer of 2012 with the ending track of "Someone In Detroit" This heavily dubed ambient ending gently lowers the listener back home, safe and sound.

A consistent comment from Heterodyne Records audience about this liveset is: "What a journey"         


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