Ionosonde Needs Your HELP!!!!

                                                  Project Physical

What is "Project Physical" ?
  A venture of Ionosonde Recordings that will  support the release and distribution of it's first physically released CD. This CD entitled "Ionosonde" is written and produced by sound artist Telegraphy  It will contain 7 tracks of his own signature style of dub techno, IDM and ambient soundscapes. "Project Physical" will ensure fabrication of this CD by Ionosonde Recordings. As part of the netlabel community, Ionosonde Recordings as been releasing free music via the internet since 2010, now we want to make a better experience for our valued listeners by producing a CD.

  Please help support Ionosonde Recordings by making a donation so that we can create a better netlabel experience for you and others. Visit our Kickstarter page for more information.

                                                Thank you for your support.

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