Finishing the race ?

words and video by: Telegraphy

 A BIG THANK YOU for all that have supported my Kickstarter project. As some of you may or may not know, Project Physical ended the morning of Dec 26, 2013. Unfortunately Ionosonde Recordings  did not reach it's goal of $1500 and as a rule of Kickstarter, in order for a campaign to be successful, the full goal amount of $1500 must be pledge by or before the time limit of 30 days. In other words, anyone that pledged, if the campaign didn't meet it's goal no monies will be transferred.

  I'm not writing to coin this project as a failure. No! This was a big learning experience for me as a promoter / artist and as a life experience in general. I tried my best to promote this project on the internet and here on facebook. One thing I have learned is that preparation is the key to success. I made the mistake of jumping into this project blindly. Another thing I've learned was that I discovered my family and friends and facebook friends gave me much need support, weather it was through a pledge support or through promotional support. I really, really, really appreciate it. And it shows me that you do care and that's enough for me to consider this project a complete success in my book. Thank you for your support.

 So what's next? Telegraphy and Ionosonde Recordings will strive to produce this physical CD entitled "Ionosonde" by any means possible. If it requires use burning CDr's through our laptop; so be  it. More updates to follow, so please stay tuned.

                           Thank You for you support of Ionosonde Recordings "Project Physical"

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