Over The Time Cliff 2013

words and photo by: Telegraphy

Once again it's new years eve here in Detroit. It's cold and snowy. Some of you might be going out tonight to have fun, others like myself will be at home burning the midnight oil to make way for the new year. What ever case it may be, one thing is for sure - 2013 was a busy year for all of us.

 Busy like a bee on L.S.D. Ionosonde Recordings late this year managed to put out it's fifteenth release. Kind of makes me wonder if this is the final stop of my experimental project that is Ionosonde Recordings. I mean, fifteen quality release since 2011. That calls for a well deserved vacation.

 Well much has happened here at Ionosonde this year. For starters (no pun intended) our Kickstarter fundraising venture "Project Physical"  was the main focus for this month. Working full time at this project, promoting and creating new advertizing ideas, not to mention producing tracks for the physically released CD (I'll get to that later) took a lot of energy out of me. Unfortunately "Project Physical"  did not succeed. Raising only 7% of the $1500 goal within the allowed thirty day time frame, I gave it all my best.
I'm not writing to coin this project as a failure. No! This was a big learning experience for me as a promoter / artist and as a life experience in general. One thing I have learned is that preparation is the key to success. I made the mistake of jumping into this project blindly. Another thing I've learned was that I discovered my family and friends and facebook friends gave me much need support, weather it was through a pledge support or through promotional support. I really, really, really appreciate it. And it shows me that you do care and that's enough for me to consider this project a complete success in my book. Thank you for your support.

  So as I'm sitting here writing and listening to my old WWII vacuum tube AM radio (yes, that's excitement I'm having on new years eve) 
I'm reminiscing the years events of Ionosonde Recordings. With a watered down mixed drink beside me, I think about the direction of music I had taken in 2013. Influenced  by the early sounds of dub techno, my renditions of this genera takes on a encapsulated quality, much like being in a uninhabitable environment - like living under water. Mixed drinks anyone? Having my fill of these cheap adult beverages, I realized this years experiments in dub is losing it's kick (mix me another drink dear) and I find myself moving away from dub techno and back to my roots - where I started - coming full circle. O.K. What about the CD Telegraphy, you may ask yourself ?

 If you may or may not know, the whole intention of the Kickstarter venture was to gain financial backing to produce and manufacture a CD by me entitled "Ionosonde" This album will feature those dub techno sounds you've been used to hearing on Ionosonde Recordings in the past year. Crossed with my earlier styles, it's quite of a unique sound indeed. You don't want to miss this CD. As I said before, "I will stop at nothing in putting this CD out", even if that means burning CDr's one by one until my CD burner "Burns out" or I get tired of these crappy drinks. Is there a good bartender in the house?

 The midnight hour is upon us here in Detroit, I'm slightly buzzed from cheap vodka and milk and I'm ready to step outside into the freezing sub-zero temperatures to witness one of Detroit's many unique celebrations - The New Years Eve Gun Fire. Yes noise makers just aren't enough  for the well equip drug dealer. So I wish you a happy new year and great fortune to you from us at Ionosonde Recordings. And has always, I leave you with an image of one of Detroit's most mysterious characters. Burying the past in ankle deep snow and presenting the new year with a gift in his hands, Eggie Kishnoshky is just another figment of our imagination that slips through time in a city that's decaying back into sand. 

                Solitudes from Detroit


01: Sleeping Through New Years. by: Monopole..................................4:08 min

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