Over The Time Cliff 2014

Words, photo and sound by: Telegraphy

  Ah yes, the calendar year approaches it's final and faithful end. Earlier this morning as I was putting on a fresh shirt and pants, freezing my buns off in this cold upstairs room I'd like to call "Ionosonde HQ". My body felt colder then outside. Maybe it's because my shirt has a holes warn into both of it's arm pits or maybe it's because of the unique type of cold that permeates throughout Detroit this time of the year. Warming up with a fresh cup of Jo, I was struggling to think of what I should write for the end of year blog post. After a successful second cup of coffee (God! I hate those hopelessly disappointing Turkish caffeine shots) which amply warmed up our biological engine. It presented a wonderful idea. Why not just write from deep within. Yea, we're going to get sappy.   

  So once again, I'm sitting here in Ionosonde HQ writing this blog, glass of nice hardy dark beer in hand, and with just a few more hours left in 2014. At which time when the old clock on the wall chimes 12:00am, we'll stumble out the back door to here one of Detroit finest attractions (the new years gun fire) Here, we don't mind small fireworks but when it comes to making a fashionable statement that only a Columbian war lord would appreciate, we do it (right) with the right to bear arms.
 Taking my inspiration from this mornings cup of coffee, I want to thank each and every single one of you for listening to Ionosonde Recording releases throughout the years. It's only you who keeps me going. Weather it's through kind comments about a song or a release; or just by downloading a release. Without you the listener there would be on Ionosonde ( sounds like a public broadcast commercial).

 With all of the impassioned spilling of the gut done with (I'll do that later after my sixteenth beer thank you)  Let us reflect on this past years events. Last year I promise to considerate more on quality rather then quantity. Accomplishing this was well achieved, and with all the sacrifices coming along for the ride, Ionosonde Recordings material manage to become the sound track for many amateur film projects. Also to note Liz Berg a radio show DJ from WFMU has been play many of Telegraphy's tracks throughout the year. Thanks Liz.

 Gazing into the looking glass of 2015, I have been throwing a few ideas around to get Ionosonde more exposure in the netlable scene. More on that later in the year (new website ?) and as always Telegraphy will continue to release his unique brand of dubtechno and experimental electronic music.

 Right about this time as I'm writing. I'm getting more and more enveloped in this hardy dark beer. Feeling it's vibes as the clock ticks down to 12 o'clock, I once again give you a gift for the new year or more accurately Eggie Kishnoshky presents one

download "Last Years Walk" here

Not only dose he bequeath a analog gift but a digital one in the form of a special track Telegraphy performed live in Ionosonde studio on this very day. Affectionately entitled "Last Years Walk", this homage to all things we do at the end of the year, is available only on this blog post.  

As 12:00 a.m. rolls in, I leave you with an image of one of Detroit's most mysterious characters. Burying the past in ankle deep snow and presenting the new year with a gift in his hands, Eggie Kishnoshky is just another figment of our imagination that slips through time in a city that's decaying back into sand.


                                  Solitudes from Detroit,


The Eposide Of The Weird Record Store

Words and photo by: Telegraphy

 I woke up today with a bad hang over after a night of hard producing in Ionosonde's tiny studio closet. After stepping out of bed nearly crushing a old 78 rpm record on the floor, I decided to take a trip to my favorite used record shop in Detroit. The pounding of my hung-over head said, "No, think of your future!",  but all the while my wallet said, "Yes. Yes! Think of us, you didn't spend us on alcohol last night". Giving in to the temptation, I unknowingly stepped on that poor 78 record anyways. CRACK!!!!!

 Having now a legitimate reason to go,  I raced towards downtown. Like the late (very late) arriving winter weather here in Detroit - the construction season in downtown was early (very early). Taking alternate rout after alternate rout felt like a race coarse but instead of winning the scantily clad girl at the end, you win a free parking spot. Sweet!!

 Grabbing a cup of tea at the coffee house across the street, I noticed that the ambiance of this place felt weird. Now I've been in this establishment before. I know what the 
baristas are like (lousy attitudes - but with a smile). But something was array. First they had set up a "Your host will seat you " sign right beside the bar (In a coffee house - Really?) I stood waiting in line patiently and then the host, will call her "The Host" came up to the well crafted hand painted sign (by one of the art student baristras) She looked at me as if she is ready to seat me. I signaled to her in semaphore that I'm in line for the bar to get a "too go" tea. She signaled a response in her own unique (I'm college student and I'm special, kind of way) "Make a new line over here! NOW !!!!".  After growing a new head, because the old one was ripped off by "The Host" I finally made got up to the bar. "Huh, earl grey tea to go please" I said to one of (cordial, in their own way) barista, with a hint of defeat in my already small voice. The  barista took the $20 I pasted her had a weird look in her eyes and said, "Do you have anything smaller?". With reluctance,  thinking why would a busy place like this would need a smaller bill. I felt around each pocket, tring to find exact change using pocket change. Spending a great deal of time amusing costumers behind me in my act of monetary desperation,  I speedy made my way out the door only to have the  barista yell out," Hey you for got your earl grey!"

  At the record store across the street (which will remain un-named to protect the innocent), I waited for the proprietor to unlock the golden gates of this sonic heaven at the early hour of 11:00 am. Finally.  I was greeted  with the owner and his adolescent pit bull sternly staring me down as he unlocks the automatic locked front door. Saying nothing at all to me, not even a hello, he quickly slams door behind him leaving me awkwardly standing their outside the door as more costumers gather behind me with puzzled looks in their eyes as to say, "Aren't you going in or what ?" . Grabbing the well warn brass knob, I gingerly pushed the powder blue door O.P.E.N., only to be blocked by the proprietors pit bull.....barking at me as if I were an intruder. "Don't fear little one, I'm only here to purchase 78 rpm records" I mur mured  under my breath in a clam, mellow consciousness.

 A little back story......A few years ago I learned about this place from the local free news paper. Yes, news papers still exist. Walking in there one day I asked kindly weather or not they had any old 78 records laying around. They pointed me to the deep dark, mildew ridden basement where only a few 40 watt light bulbs lit stacks and stacks of milk crates filled with Bakelite disks. They had thousands of 78's. A goldmine if you ask me. One could spend weeks down there perusing  this vast collection. Like an underground hidden government facility, this place is only known to those who ask nicely. I was clearly one of the very few given access to this highly secretive underground record bunker. So every now and then I would visit this record store, ask the owner kindly to go down stairs and "look". Without a problem, he always agreed.

 So back in the store with an alert bit bull grinning as to show his choice of  weaponry (nicely sharpened K-9's). I made my way up to the back counter where all transactions take place. Weaving around several center isles of record bins in this 6 by 9 powder blue colored, hole in the wall style record shop maned by thirty somethings. With minimal shwag or prized record finds on the wall ( don't want to disrupt the customers concentration) the silence from the stores off hours was being banished from one of two 33 rpm record players starting up with the familiar crackle of a needle being dropped.  The first record of the day, a mid 80's synth pop track. With synthesized syncopated kick drum beats pumping over the second hand speakers (garage sale specials if you ask me). I went up to the guy who's more or less the second in command. I always had a hunch that these guys were Startrekies stuck in the wrong profession. They weren't that sociable. The owner - well the owner was like most others. I mean,  have you ever met a happy and easy to talk with store owner? Ah yes, these two space fighters of the S.S. intergalactic record shop space command is setting course for warp disco drive. Asking him nicely to go into the basement as I have always done before, because he and I seem to get along quite well in the past. Thinking to my self, "It's cool, he knows me".

 A very "Snooky" pregnant kind of pause past, second in command guy turns to fearless leader with attack pit bull at his side and say's hesitantly as if unshure to sell anything to me, "Do we still have those 78's in the basement?" Another long pause. "I think we put those storage somewhere" the owner said with another unsure tone. "You think?" I thought to myself. O.K.! Freeze this holodeck simulation. "You guy's realy don't want to sell me 78's do you? " Thinking again to myself as sweat pours down each of their faces with liar written all over. Then as an act of kindness, second in command guy nervously hofs under his fabulist breath, "but, we have some in the corner over here". "Great "I said, "do you mind if I look at them?" Mumbling indecipherables between each other as if tho speaking in record shop klingon. "O.K.? I take that as a yes".

 Digging through the top milk crate I find a couple of 78's that I'm satisfied with. One of those already had a price sticker of $1. You see this record shop doesn't price it's collection of 78's - only LP's and 45's you'll find prices on them. Not many young people my age are interested in 78's. You'll only find Hipsters in this record shop rummaging through 1960's rock and 80's pop records. So, as always I had to give my 78's to the counter guy who then will apprise them. Hiding behind their trendy Apple laptop's, they tap into a highly sophisticated record store pricing network where other record shopies use there appraisal powers to judge on the exact price of a particular record. With vast computing power at his finger tips, he logs into this underground world of the "Darknet"  to ultimately figure out the price to charge me (ah yeah, Ebay).

 O.K. here yea go! he said with a commanding voice (which was a change from before). $1 for this one $2 for this and $5 for this one and....Oh yeah $70 for this. The shock wave from my gaw dropping on their trendy powder blue floor, rippled through the gently disturbed customers with there noises deep within the  record bins. "How much did you say? " with a perplexed look on my face. "Ah - $70 " he said with a clam, (nothings wrong because everyone can afford that kind of money) type of voice. I pulled out the wad of change money I received from that $20 I spent at the coffee house across the street. Anticipating earlier to use that money to buy a few "Cheap 78's" Ha ha ha, not here ! Using a soft, liberally shocked voice, I pleaded to him, " I didn't bring enough money. I can only afford the $1, $2, and $5 record. With a thunderous voice of Zeus he shouted "THEN DON'T COME HERE AGAIN!!!". Instead of being Liberally shocked, I was now Bolshevik Communist shocked.  He then went on a rage, "We get a lot of your type around here. Ballers and high rollers that flash big money." With a straight face he specifies ,  "They have us price 78's and only buy the cheapest ones" "78's ARE EXPENSIVE !!"  The customers with there noise in the record bins, over heard his commandment of "Tho shall not shop here again" stuck their noise even deeper into the bins. I payed the $8 and ran out with my tail between my legs. Being more or less embarrassed to the fact that most of the customers in the record shop were a group of hot woman being subject to a scene of this weirdo guy receiving a sharp tongue.

 Leaving the stores parking lot, I turned on the cars radio. Tuning to the local NPR station, the first words uttered from the announcer was, "It's national Record Store Day. Happy Record Store Day".                                   


iono-18 Me, Without A Name

words, cover art and sounds: Telegraphy

01: Sneaking Behind, To Scare Yourself ..........................7:34 min

02: Speak Of It, Is Not To Think Of It.........................10:23 min

03: Taking Thy Self To Prom (ballad of singles).................6:42 min

04: The Last Leaf That Hangs On....................................7:29 min

05: Leaf (Monopole recondition) ......................................9:14 min

download album

 Telegraphy's eighteenth release here on Ionosonde Recordings. Tying our shoes on bubble gum ground is as close as a description for this "shoe gazed" five tracked experimental dubed techno EP. "Me, Without A Name" explores the inner most part of ourselves. The "I" of consciousness is only but a clumsy word that attempts to describe you and me. Without the "I", how can we have the "ME". The two must exist. So - "I" Telegraphy give you "Me, Without A Name." Enjoy!                

iono-17 "Earth Stereo"

words, cover art and sounds: Telegraphy

track listing:

01: Cosmic Induction Generation...................6:50 min

02: Versor Algebra........................................6:20 min

03: Extraluminal Transmission ........................7:50 min

04: Four Quadrant Theory..............................8:18 min

download album

 Influenced by the genius renegade electrical engineer and teacher Eric P. Dollard who is better known as the modern day living Tesla. "Earth Stereo"by Telegraphy is a sound journey through the mind of this brilliant inventor. If synthesizers could speak of his work - they would sound like this. Speaking in occult mathematics and higher understanding of fundamental electronics, Telegraphy puts in motion the fundamentals of sound. With a full range of dub techno echos and reverb, each track contains hidden aspects of natural math and tonalities. Pushing the boundaries of the low end spectrum with base and plenty of it (just like with Eric's experiments) Telegraphy opens up a new door to revel a new direction for dub techno to go in.               

Now Appearing In....

words by: Telegraphy

Recently Telegraphy was honored in having
one of his own tracks featured in a 20 minute short film by the very talented french film maker Julien Tatham. From the album "Telegraphy" ,  Julien expertly hand crafted one of the scenes in his latest film "Because We Don't Know This Place" to coincide with Telegraphy's track "Monopole" . The flawless marriage of sound track too scene is a prime example of film directmenship in the audio sense that is. 

  So what is the short film "Because We Don't Know This Place" all about? Well, without spoiling every bit of artistic value - It's simply this....

 A thirty-something woman is constantly tormented by upsetting dreams of the past, which some how has to be approached by journeying to a familiar but hidden place. As the film progresses, it is evident  that its all about the music and not necessarily the story itself. But, the plot line hangs on to you anyways. Taking on a different approach of story telling, you find yourself no longer watching a film but a film turned into music video. Like spinning around dancing with your twin, Julien  reverses the order in this cinematic promenade. WAIT A MINUTE ! How did he do that? Why did he do that ? In any reguard,  the climatic live performance of  musician Mathieu Mirol  sets the story straight and then the viewer receives all of the pieces of the puzzle of where, who and why of our tormented thirty-something woman. Taking this alternate avenue of viewable story telling is the only way we as the viewer would of found out. Why........? It's only because we don't know this place. Thats why.    

            For more information on how and where to view the film "Because We Don't Know This Place"
                                           Please visit http://www.because-performance.com   

Rich Sudney - Nothingness Is Not A Thought (offical video)

  One of our best past times on a lazy hot summers day here at Ionosonde Recordings, is to lock ourselves in a over heated closet with a laptop and a cold adult beverage. Sit on a uncomfortable stoll, and make music videos !!! What better way  to spend a beautiful sunny day then in a dark closet. Yeah, we're introverts all right.

  With sweat pouring off of our head and nether regio........you get the picture. It was damn hot in the Ionosonde studios. Using footage taken from a midnight stroll through the woods on Michigan's toughest bike trails, "Nothingness Is Not A Thought" explores the deep dark unknowns behind every tree and mushroom?   

 Rich Sudney - Ionosonde  is available at Amazon


iono-16 "Smile, Echelon Knows

track listing:

01: Smile, Echelon Knows......................................9:35 min

02: How Are You Today.............................................7:21 min

03: Downtown Techno With Twerks.......................7:22 min

04: Sunday Outing In June.......................................7:31 min

download album

 Echelon, the (SIGINT) or "signals intelligent" was or is the worlds leading information gathering entity. Anything from e-mails to cell phone interception, this group of shadow people who operate behind the closed "green door" can and will with a push of a button, listen in on my own and your personal traffic.

 "Smile, Echelon Knows" by Telegraphy is a cloak and dagger deception of dubed audio and field recordings, that will gather all traffic of synthesized chords and beats which will link together all possible variables to make a profile of "you" the listener. Smile !

Report out of the Smoke (Ann Arbor Hash Bash 2014)

words, photo and audio by: Telegraphy

  This years Ann Arbor Hash Bash 
had a distinguished after taste. Like indulging  in on a gourmet $1000 Japaneses t-bone steak, a lush satisfying sensation hung around us after the festivities were over and done with. No, not the buzz we caught from the over abundance of second hand pot smoke but from the ultimate lessen we've learned from the original promoters of this euphoric expostulation. More about that later.

  I had a sense right when I got up that morning that today I was going to learn a deep lesson. Taking that first nervous but half asleep step out of my bed, I stepped on a piece of a Leggo toy left behind by my 9 yr old nephew. .....Lesson learned - Always and I mean always be weary of what you do and say before, during and after the in-law's stay.  Like a war veteran I limped to gather my things to take to the Hash Bash. Carmera's: check! Voice Recorder: check! Smoking pipe: check! Pipe tobacco: (yea, I know. I shock myself when I tell people when asked, "What'cha smoking, ha, ha!" It's just regular pipe tobacco folks, I don't smoke "the chronic") check!!!!! To continue - Film for camera's: ?????? Oh no! It's a beautiful Saturday morning, 44F and sunny, the best weather on Hash Bash day we've ever had and I forgot to get the film! As I'm limping around with a piece of leggo stuck to the soul of my foot, searching for at least a half used roll of film. Like a heroin addict scrounging around face first in the sidewalk trash cans, looking, nervously looking for a half smoked cigarette, I was face first in my backpack looking, nervously looking for film, any film!.

 With no film found, I was starting to go through withdraws. The noxious feeling was starting to creep up. If I don't get my fix of film I'll.....I mean if I don't find a store that sells film this early; my plans for the Hash Bash will be BASHED!!

 Anyways I digress. After spending half of the morning driving north 20 miles to the closest place (that's open on the weekends) that sells oldschool film, I was on my way another 70 miles south to Ann Arbor. Ah yes, the spring weather was the best you could hope for. The sun was shining brightly and I was on my way to the Ann Arbor Hash Bash.

  After finding a parking spot 10 blocks away, I hiked up hill both ways and grabbed the nearest cup of Earl Grey tea. Heading out to the Daig where the festivities were going down, I was fashionably late to this vaporises event of delirious demonstrators. Rubbing shoulders with stoners, jocks, hanger-on-ers and curious on lookers, I made my way to the front steps where the speakers were spouting their elocutions of   awakening  mantras. One of those speakers was the world renowned poet John Sinclair .  For years now yours truly had a insatiable desirer to interview one of the founding members of the Hash Bash. What better person then John Sinclair.

  Nervelessly making my way up to John, I kindly asked of a interview. Granting my request, I began fumbling with my handy voice recorder, trying my best to get it set right to record. With a fed-up sounding voice, (like he was ready to be interviewed but I wasn't) he yelled out above the crowds roars in his unique raspy smoked out voice," O.K. I'm ready!". I then snapped to life. Like a verbal whip piercing across the back of my neck. His commanding attitude echoes a life time of hardship and oppression. I then, without for-thought, asked the most un-asked question (a buddhist koan - a question without an answer). "So John, what is this all about?". He replied assuredly,"We just wana smoke man! That's all!"

That about sums up what I've been searching for all these years attending the Ann Arbor Hash Bash. Looking for the ultimate answer through the smoke covered layers of different points of view's from folks that come to smoke here and enjoy freedom. American style freedom is what brings them here, not the over commercialized pot industry that sells their products at the Monroe Street Fair or the bands that play there. I guess I had to get educated by the big man himself, to open up my eyes to the true meaning of the Ann Arbor Hash Bash 2014                   

Rich Sudney - Ionosonde

  Dark Detroit pop (Det-Pop) is the only way to describe this eleven track album from Detroit sound artist Rich Sudney. Better known on the internet as Telegraphy. This freshman debut album is a juxtaposition of his free releases on the web.

Dark distant sound scaped rhythms that echo's classic Detroit techno is molded in form with ambient vibes that will leave you awe stricken laying on the cold dark dance floor. But it isn't all seriousness with Rich Sudney as he illuminates the darkness with dashes of comedic audio theater in-between melodies laden with watered down sonic vocals.

  "Ionosonde" is a game changing album in a sound environment where the hum-drum predictable beats and sounds are broken into a new direction down Detroit's "Electric Avenue" side streets. Pop just got darker and more delightful as Det-Pop makes it's way out of the underground.

released 17 February 2014 All tracks were written and produced by: Rich Sudney 2014 Recorded at Ionosonde Recordings studio Detroit, MI U.S.A.

                                           *From "The Ansewer Is In The Beat" WCBN *
Dubby techno from a prolific Detroit netlabel artist who previously used the name Telegraphy. Clicky, crunchy beats and dubby echoing chords and bass, as well as watery, filtered vocals. The 3 “Phone Talk” interludes show a dark, biting sense of humor completely unique to certain corners of Detroit techno (think DBX, Dopplereffekt and friends), with the narrator calling up someone named Eggie Kishnoshky who tells him that the apocalypse is already here and that everything is a conspiracy and that you should start watching everything through your third eye. Also, the two continually refer to each other as “mon”. “An Enigma Inside A Riddle” begins with the repeating dial tones from the end of the first phone talk interlude, and by the end of the track, it’s morphed from ambient dub techno into a straightforward dub reggae riddim. “Everything Is Under Controlled” and “Dancing With Your Shadow” are entirely instrumental, with the former having some light guitar notes, and the latter having some more rapid, clicky, crunchy beats. “Phone Talk 3″ ends grimly with explosions and the narrator being silenced while the operator asks if anyone’s there, and “Get A SSTV Decoder Dummy” is a creepy ambient collage using samples from the phone interludes. “Ocean (Telegraphy Reconstruct)” ends the album with an appropriately aquatic remix of “An Ocean Inside A Bottle”, bringing this oceanic-yet-fully-Detroit album to a close. Available on Bandcamp

Marche Du Nain Rouge 2014

words and photo by: Telegraphy

Every once in a while an event comes around here in Detroit so weird and enchanting that I manage to miss it consistently for years. Yes, procrastination is a constant  in all of our lives - that's why we can never.....Ahhh, I'll tell you later. For several years now yours truly here at Ionosonde has been etching to attend this parade of weirdly dressed and questionable residents of Detroit. Well, on the first Sunday after the Vernal Equinox (March 23) I got more then I could bargain for. The Marche Du Nain Rouge isn't your child's idea of a happy go lucky parade with all of the expected characters in attendants, entertaining all of their innocent desires. No this is more like your college aged kids idea of a parade filled with whimsical personalities dressed in elaborate red or black colored costumes, all high lighted with the ever present aroma of pot smoke mixed with a cacophony stench of alcohol - and lots of weirdly dressed people. Did I mention the weird costumes? Like a cartoon themed Carnival of Venice, this parade for and by Detroiters is one of the most strangest events you never heard of.            


It was a sunny yet but a chilly (20 F) Sunday morning in spring when I decided to venture out to the wilds of  Detroit to partake in this city's lest know celebrations. A parade in one sense of the word isn't enough to describe this scene of eccentrically dressed individuals dawned in red costumes in Detroit's "Cass Corridor" which is located in and around the shadows of Wayne State University. The Marche Du Nain Rouge is a yearly parade down Cass Ave which runs parallel to Americas oldest road (Woodward Ave). This spring time march through the streets adorned by abandon skyscrapers and run down Victorian houses, has one single and important purpose - To chase the "Red Dwarf" out of town.

 To understand the reasoning of this parade of flamboyantly fashioned fur coats and flocks, it's imperative to understand the history of the Marche Du Main Rouge.
  Legend has it that the Nain Rouge (which is french for "Red Dwarf") is a mystical creature originating from Normandy France has far back as mid-evil times. Described as being a child like red colored dwarf wearing  black fur boots with blazing red eyes that complement it's rotten smile. This
harbinger of doom is said to only be seen or attack people just before certain calamities. In more modern times (1700) the first mention of the Nain Rouge was by the first white explorers to Detroit. Antoine La Mothe Cadillac was attacked by this blood red creature and soon after lost all of his fortune. Speaking of blood - On on July 30, 1763 during what now is known as the battle of bloody run, the crimson creature made a guest appearance not long before 58 British soldiers were slain by chief Pontiac's tribesman. Oh, Bloody Run is the aptly named small tributary of the Detroit river of were the battle happened. Why is it named "Bloody Run" you should ask? Well the small crick ran red from the blood of all the fallen man for days after the battle - hence the name. Hey, you asked!

Unlike all legends, the Nain Rouge doesn't stop there. Twentieth century sightings came just before the horrific 1967 Detroit riot's .  The latest account came as late as 1996 when two drunken club goers walking, over heard "cawing sounds, similar to a crow," coming from a "small hunched-over man"  who ran away from a nearby car jacking (car burglary).  The creature was described as wearing "what looked like a really nasty torn fur coat."   

 So here I am driving around the Cass Corridor looking for a parking spot. Hey look there's one! That was easy. Usually driving anywhere near downtown, your fighting for free parking. Walking towards the staging area, I noticed besides the numerous crack heads wondering aimlessly in the streets - small walking groups of black or red, doting this run down post industrial landscape. Now I know for sure I'm inappropriately dressed for the occasion. My beige corduroy pants and jacket yells out "Help! I'm lost and I can't find my mommy! ". Getting used to those looks from people dressed as demonic clowns or victorian superheros, I walk my way around the last corner to the staging area, where in a driveway a rusted out parade float in the shape of a dragon. This 40 foot fire breathing, hydraulically actuated art work made from scrape metal and old semi-truck tires, rides on a luxurious air-cushioned bus chassis. Seeing this behemoth parked in someones driveway alone, just around the block from the staging area; I knew something was up and that something will singe some hairs in the parade

  Entering the staging area, I felt that youthful panicked lost feeling again one only experiences as a child in a department store, searching for ones mommy. Only this time, my sense of fashion is lost. Within the sea of outlandishly dressed twenty somethings, this "fringe bloger" reporting on a obscure Detroit parade; all of the sudden senses that myself being subjected to curiosities from the crowd. I'm the weird one. The stranger who infiltrated their yearly quest to vanquish the Red Dwarf. The rejection is all to common for me. Hell I even feel rejected walking into my own bathroom. Standing on the outskirts of the crowd, gazing and studying, a pirate like soul wearing a "Hannibal The Cannibal face mask", snuck in front of me. Handing me a flyer for a up-coming burlesque show, he or it commands me, " Flyer my dear sir". Wow, polite people pirates can be. Though one might expect this level of sophistication from the "Steam-punk" community that regularly attained such events in great numbers with their exquisite costumes - These victorian virtuouses know how attract attention. Fighting my way inwards, the crowd thickens towards the main stage in the middle of a parking lot.  As I dodge shoulders with pale skinned, top hat wearing, homosexuals yelling polite gesture through a megaphone or being blockaded by a team of demonic clown jugglers; I make it to the main stage where the PA system is busily broadcasting propagandist negative comments from the Nain Rouge himself about Detroit and it's hard working people. Drinks and smokes are now flowing like.......well like it usually flows in the hands of over slept, and over studied college students.

    Exploring the scene farther, the partying suddenly halted by the appearance of the Nain Rouge riding on top of the giant mechanized dragon I saw earlier. Slowly moving it's way down the sidestreet, it makes an abrupt stop where it expelled it's fiery breath, a signal that the parade to chase the Red Dwarf out of Detroit has began. In fear of having their delicate red or black custom set a-blaze, a 50 foot no man's territory in front of the dragons devouring hearth was cautiously adhered to as the crowd followed astutely behind. The city block long parade made it's way down Cass Ave., contrastingly passing old run-down victorian houses and modern glass office buildings. The old and new urban environment of the Cass Corridor combines brilliantly to compliment  the retro futuristic Steam-Punk image of the Marche Du Nain Rouge. No other place in the world can host a strange event such as this. Detroit and this parade, cosmical fit's together perfectly, like records fitting into a milk crate. Somethings in this world are meant to be. This Detroitier parade is one of them. 

  Marching down Cass Ave. the DJ perched in the bowls of the dragon,  blast through the PA system his own mix of classic rock and techno - all of the while a old school, all black Cajun Jazz band boast just as and if not louder then the DJ. Behind the dragon, this small band composes sounds reminiscent of Mardi Gras . The fun atmosphere they create is by no means conducive to cavorting convivial characters. Dancing while under the influence of brandishing their own fashionable attire, parade goers lovely march together down Cass Ave. to chase away their own personal Red Dwarf.

  As a collective, these Detroit paraders, optimistic of a brighter future for this city, march side by side with a single purpose in mind of pushing away it's fears and problems. Screaming meme's and real life villains they hope to scare away by standing up and display to the rest of the world, that Detroit doesn't take shit from no one - including the Nain Rouge.

                                                         Sounds from Marche Du Nain Rouge          


What Is Det-Pop ?

words and  photo by: Telegraphy
 So what is this so called "Det-Pop" ? Is it some kind of new fashionable soft drink with extra caffeine or a underground avant garde art scene that all the college kids are into these day's? Well, not exactly. Art? Maybe. Soft drink? It may give you a tingly feeling.  But as far as I can say, it's made in Detroit. The largest industrial region in the U.S., Detroit has in the past made everything from cars to airplanes to boats and the worlds largest cast iron stove. Not only was this region famous for it's four wheeled wonders but it's musical culture as well. Jazz, R&B, Motown, and just recently - Techno. Alright so what is Det-Pop. The new sound from Detroit? Yea right Telegraphy, we've all heard that before. Well let me explain it to you this way - Detroit hasn't had a paradigm shift in sound since the techno rave scene back in the 90's. Since then Detroit has been stagnant with new sound, being all of the producers and DJ's moved else where to make their money off of the popular techno sound of Detroit. Berlin, Chicago, New York Seattle and the likes have embraced this scene for many years but like all things Detroit creates it just lets it go to let it rot. Like a child with to many toy's, playing with and experimenting until the interests fades away and then ultimately throwing it away.

 The experimentation attitude is still with us here today in the re-manufactured era of Detroit. That's right! Detroit, even though with it's bad civic underpinnings which is neck deep in debt and foreclosure, is showing signs of resurgence. Small business are popping up in sterilized boarded up neighborhoods(legal or not), a mass transit system is being finalize and let's not forget (weather we like it or not) a new international bridge to link Canada and the U.S. is also being finalized. This new  paradigm shift in ideology couldn't of come at a better time.The pre-Detroit economic collapse music that was brought forth on center stage back in the early "Ought's" wasn't (now let's be honest) positive. Eminem, I.C.P. and the likes did put Detroit on the musical map but in a negative image. Now the shift is coming full circle. Advents in musical production technology are coming closer to complete brain = machine interface. A whole new world of possibilities will be opened to the adventurous producer. You will see new acts coming out advertizing the the fact of "full emotional music creation, straight from the mind of...". Out of this will come new software tone generators that will be capable of not only creating wide dynamics in sound color through thought but have the ability to translate emotion into sound.

 That's what's coming down the pipe line, a new shift in sound. What will it sound like - well a good start is Det-Pop.


  Dark Detroit pop (Det-Pop) is the only way to describe this eleven track album from Detroit sound artist Rich Sudney. Better known on the internet as Telegraphy, this freshman debut album is a juxtaposition of his free releases on the web. Dark distant sound scaped rhythms that echo's classic Detroit techno is molded in form with ambient vibes that will leave you awe stricken laying on the cold dark dance floor. But it isn't all seriousness with Rich Sudney as he illuminates the darkness with dashes of comedic audio theater in-between melodies laden with watered down sonic vocals.

  "Ionosonde" is a game changing album in a sound environment where the hum-drum predictable beats and sounds are broken into a new direction down Detroit's "Electric Avenue" side streets. Pop just got darker and more delightful as Det-Pop makes it's way out of the underground.

credits released 17 February 2014 All tracks were written and produced by: Rich Sudney 2014 Recorded at Ionosonde Recordings studio Detroit, MI U.S.A.

Long Time No Speaky

words and photo by: Telegraphy

Well what can I say? It's been over a month since I poked my undersized head through the virtual wires of this internet, and yes I have a very good explanation for that. As Ricky Ricardo say's "Lucy! You have a lot of explaining to do." Well as some of you may or may not know, I've been busy in the studio working on materiel for my first album. Hibernating in Ionosonde studio since late November of last year, I have up until now completed 11 tracks for this album. During my winter stay in the studio, I have pushed my artistic ability to the limit. Fighting the bone chilling winter polar cold in a unheated studio, using only a oil lamp to keep the chill out, I found solitude in the warm melodies and sounds I created in the process of creating each tracks.

  The warmth coming off of the wave table synthesizers I used in this album, did help out but what did push me though the creation process was the drive to release Ionosonde Recordings first physical CD. Spending more time then I usually do on any particulate track was well worth the effort and heart ache. As more delicate craftsmanship of sound creation and rhythm went into these tracks, I've noticed the vocal friendliness coming through. It all started out with "Walking Alone With Someone" a C.C. release on the Free Music Archive
Then it started to flow onto more tracks. At first I intended the album have a collection melodies - Not songs with words! Oh well, nothing I do ever goes to plan.

 So as of yesterday, I finalized the track listing. eight tracks of pure music and three of something special. That's all I can say. You just have to wait for the album to come out. To quote the greatest buddhist of the electronic age - Fred and Ethel Mertz: "
Rome wasn't built in a day Fred." "Well, Rome wasn't built like you either." 

  It isn't clear to me weather "Ionosonde" will be released here or on another label. I will keep you posted.