What Is Det-Pop ?

words and  photo by: Telegraphy
 So what is this so called "Det-Pop" ? Is it some kind of new fashionable soft drink with extra caffeine or a underground avant garde art scene that all the college kids are into these day's? Well, not exactly. Art? Maybe. Soft drink? It may give you a tingly feeling.  But as far as I can say, it's made in Detroit. The largest industrial region in the U.S., Detroit has in the past made everything from cars to airplanes to boats and the worlds largest cast iron stove. Not only was this region famous for it's four wheeled wonders but it's musical culture as well. Jazz, R&B, Motown, and just recently - Techno. Alright so what is Det-Pop. The new sound from Detroit? Yea right Telegraphy, we've all heard that before. Well let me explain it to you this way - Detroit hasn't had a paradigm shift in sound since the techno rave scene back in the 90's. Since then Detroit has been stagnant with new sound, being all of the producers and DJ's moved else where to make their money off of the popular techno sound of Detroit. Berlin, Chicago, New York Seattle and the likes have embraced this scene for many years but like all things Detroit creates it just lets it go to let it rot. Like a child with to many toy's, playing with and experimenting until the interests fades away and then ultimately throwing it away.

 The experimentation attitude is still with us here today in the re-manufactured era of Detroit. That's right! Detroit, even though with it's bad civic underpinnings which is neck deep in debt and foreclosure, is showing signs of resurgence. Small business are popping up in sterilized boarded up neighborhoods(legal or not), a mass transit system is being finalize and let's not forget (weather we like it or not) a new international bridge to link Canada and the U.S. is also being finalized. This new  paradigm shift in ideology couldn't of come at a better time.The pre-Detroit economic collapse music that was brought forth on center stage back in the early "Ought's" wasn't (now let's be honest) positive. Eminem, I.C.P. and the likes did put Detroit on the musical map but in a negative image. Now the shift is coming full circle. Advents in musical production technology are coming closer to complete brain = machine interface. A whole new world of possibilities will be opened to the adventurous producer. You will see new acts coming out advertizing the the fact of "full emotional music creation, straight from the mind of...". Out of this will come new software tone generators that will be capable of not only creating wide dynamics in sound color through thought but have the ability to translate emotion into sound.

 That's what's coming down the pipe line, a new shift in sound. What will it sound like - well a good start is Det-Pop.


  Dark Detroit pop (Det-Pop) is the only way to describe this eleven track album from Detroit sound artist Rich Sudney. Better known on the internet as Telegraphy, this freshman debut album is a juxtaposition of his free releases on the web. Dark distant sound scaped rhythms that echo's classic Detroit techno is molded in form with ambient vibes that will leave you awe stricken laying on the cold dark dance floor. But it isn't all seriousness with Rich Sudney as he illuminates the darkness with dashes of comedic audio theater in-between melodies laden with watered down sonic vocals.

  "Ionosonde" is a game changing album in a sound environment where the hum-drum predictable beats and sounds are broken into a new direction down Detroit's "Electric Avenue" side streets. Pop just got darker and more delightful as Det-Pop makes it's way out of the underground.

credits released 17 February 2014 All tracks were written and produced by: Rich Sudney 2014 Recorded at Ionosonde Recordings studio Detroit, MI U.S.A.

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