Rich Sudney - Ionosonde

  Dark Detroit pop (Det-Pop) is the only way to describe this eleven track album from Detroit sound artist Rich Sudney. Better known on the internet as Telegraphy. This freshman debut album is a juxtaposition of his free releases on the web.

Dark distant sound scaped rhythms that echo's classic Detroit techno is molded in form with ambient vibes that will leave you awe stricken laying on the cold dark dance floor. But it isn't all seriousness with Rich Sudney as he illuminates the darkness with dashes of comedic audio theater in-between melodies laden with watered down sonic vocals.

  "Ionosonde" is a game changing album in a sound environment where the hum-drum predictable beats and sounds are broken into a new direction down Detroit's "Electric Avenue" side streets. Pop just got darker and more delightful as Det-Pop makes it's way out of the underground.

released 17 February 2014 All tracks were written and produced by: Rich Sudney 2014 Recorded at Ionosonde Recordings studio Detroit, MI U.S.A.

                                           *From "The Ansewer Is In The Beat" WCBN *
Dubby techno from a prolific Detroit netlabel artist who previously used the name Telegraphy. Clicky, crunchy beats and dubby echoing chords and bass, as well as watery, filtered vocals. The 3 “Phone Talk” interludes show a dark, biting sense of humor completely unique to certain corners of Detroit techno (think DBX, Dopplereffekt and friends), with the narrator calling up someone named Eggie Kishnoshky who tells him that the apocalypse is already here and that everything is a conspiracy and that you should start watching everything through your third eye. Also, the two continually refer to each other as “mon”. “An Enigma Inside A Riddle” begins with the repeating dial tones from the end of the first phone talk interlude, and by the end of the track, it’s morphed from ambient dub techno into a straightforward dub reggae riddim. “Everything Is Under Controlled” and “Dancing With Your Shadow” are entirely instrumental, with the former having some light guitar notes, and the latter having some more rapid, clicky, crunchy beats. “Phone Talk 3″ ends grimly with explosions and the narrator being silenced while the operator asks if anyone’s there, and “Get A SSTV Decoder Dummy” is a creepy ambient collage using samples from the phone interludes. “Ocean (Telegraphy Reconstruct)” ends the album with an appropriately aquatic remix of “An Ocean Inside A Bottle”, bringing this oceanic-yet-fully-Detroit album to a close. Available on Bandcamp

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