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words by: Telegraphy

Recently Telegraphy was honored in having
one of his own tracks featured in a 20 minute short film by the very talented french film maker Julien Tatham. From the album "Telegraphy" ,  Julien expertly hand crafted one of the scenes in his latest film "Because We Don't Know This Place" to coincide with Telegraphy's track "Monopole" . The flawless marriage of sound track too scene is a prime example of film directmenship in the audio sense that is. 

  So what is the short film "Because We Don't Know This Place" all about? Well, without spoiling every bit of artistic value - It's simply this....

 A thirty-something woman is constantly tormented by upsetting dreams of the past, which some how has to be approached by journeying to a familiar but hidden place. As the film progresses, it is evident  that its all about the music and not necessarily the story itself. But, the plot line hangs on to you anyways. Taking on a different approach of story telling, you find yourself no longer watching a film but a film turned into music video. Like spinning around dancing with your twin, Julien  reverses the order in this cinematic promenade. WAIT A MINUTE ! How did he do that? Why did he do that ? In any reguard,  the climatic live performance of  musician Mathieu Mirol  sets the story straight and then the viewer receives all of the pieces of the puzzle of where, who and why of our tormented thirty-something woman. Taking this alternate avenue of viewable story telling is the only way we as the viewer would of found out. Why........? It's only because we don't know this place. Thats why.    

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