Over The Time Cliff 2014

Words, photo and sound by: Telegraphy

  Ah yes, the calendar year approaches it's final and faithful end. Earlier this morning as I was putting on a fresh shirt and pants, freezing my buns off in this cold upstairs room I'd like to call "Ionosonde HQ". My body felt colder then outside. Maybe it's because my shirt has a holes warn into both of it's arm pits or maybe it's because of the unique type of cold that permeates throughout Detroit this time of the year. Warming up with a fresh cup of Jo, I was struggling to think of what I should write for the end of year blog post. After a successful second cup of coffee (God! I hate those hopelessly disappointing Turkish caffeine shots) which amply warmed up our biological engine. It presented a wonderful idea. Why not just write from deep within. Yea, we're going to get sappy.   

  So once again, I'm sitting here in Ionosonde HQ writing this blog, glass of nice hardy dark beer in hand, and with just a few more hours left in 2014. At which time when the old clock on the wall chimes 12:00am, we'll stumble out the back door to here one of Detroit finest attractions (the new years gun fire) Here, we don't mind small fireworks but when it comes to making a fashionable statement that only a Columbian war lord would appreciate, we do it (right) with the right to bear arms.
 Taking my inspiration from this mornings cup of coffee, I want to thank each and every single one of you for listening to Ionosonde Recording releases throughout the years. It's only you who keeps me going. Weather it's through kind comments about a song or a release; or just by downloading a release. Without you the listener there would be on Ionosonde ( sounds like a public broadcast commercial).

 With all of the impassioned spilling of the gut done with (I'll do that later after my sixteenth beer thank you)  Let us reflect on this past years events. Last year I promise to considerate more on quality rather then quantity. Accomplishing this was well achieved, and with all the sacrifices coming along for the ride, Ionosonde Recordings material manage to become the sound track for many amateur film projects. Also to note Liz Berg a radio show DJ from WFMU has been play many of Telegraphy's tracks throughout the year. Thanks Liz.

 Gazing into the looking glass of 2015, I have been throwing a few ideas around to get Ionosonde more exposure in the netlable scene. More on that later in the year (new website ?) and as always Telegraphy will continue to release his unique brand of dubtechno and experimental electronic music.

 Right about this time as I'm writing. I'm getting more and more enveloped in this hardy dark beer. Feeling it's vibes as the clock ticks down to 12 o'clock, I once again give you a gift for the new year or more accurately Eggie Kishnoshky presents one

download "Last Years Walk" here

Not only dose he bequeath a analog gift but a digital one in the form of a special track Telegraphy performed live in Ionosonde studio on this very day. Affectionately entitled "Last Years Walk", this homage to all things we do at the end of the year, is available only on this blog post.  

As 12:00 a.m. rolls in, I leave you with an image of one of Detroit's most mysterious characters. Burying the past in ankle deep snow and presenting the new year with a gift in his hands, Eggie Kishnoshky is just another figment of our imagination that slips through time in a city that's decaying back into sand.


                                  Solitudes from Detroit,



  1. all the best to you for this new year and thanks for the last year walk.

    1. Thanks Julien wising you the best as well to you and your family. Happy new year.