Over The Time Cliff 2015

Eggie teaches us a thing or two.

words and photo by: Telegraphy

  It's back to school with you! As I was driving from work the other day, I stumbled across an abandoned building in Detroit. OH MY. AN ABANDONED BUILDING YOU SAY! IN DETROIT!!! Yes, of course there are a lot of derelict buildings in Detroit. What made this building stick out from the rest was that it was part of the growing phenomena of abandon schools. So I figured what a good place to hopefully catch  a glimpse of Detroit's most mysterious character - Eggie Kishnoshky . Wondering around these empty halls which previously echoed the voices of children on their way to class, I was drawn to one classroom on the third floor. Empty with a few school amenities still left alone from vandals. I set up my camera, awaiting his arrival. After spending more then a few nervous minutes staring at the blackboard, thinking about being robbed at gun point or worst, I took a snap shot of the scene, packed up and left in a hurry. Disappointed about the no-show of Mr. Kishnoshky, I went searching for another place to hopefully catch him.

 Driving around the outskirts of downtown Detroit through old manufacturing communities with their rotting factory's and crumbling bridges and roads, only to be sharply contrasted with newly developed condominiums and lofts sitting beside reclaimed walkways and alleys. So, this got me thinking about the state of Detroit and how it's changing landscape has influenced Ionosonde Recordings.

 In the past two or three years, yours truly have noticed a change in the landscape. Old burnt drug houses have finally made way to the wrecking ball. Vandalized businesses that were left to decay, have now been plowed under. New businesses on the other hand, are setting up shop in places that wore over looked for many years. Yep, things are changing. Just recently, travel publications have took notice and reestablished Detroit as a vacation spot worth visiting. REALLY?

  Getting back to our enigmatic figure. My search for him gained more determination as I wondered into factories and warehouses which were being renovated and transformed into stylish lofts and business space for a new generation of young productive adults. One of these warehouses is situated up above of what was once an old railway. Dug below the ground, this "cut" as it is affectionately called, runs under a hand full of major road-ways. This Dequindre Cut was featured in Ionosonde Recordings popular video Somewhere In Detroit. Sampling imagery of this old railway before, one can see the dramatic change in scenery.
The Dequindre Cut as seen in
"Somewhere In Detroit"

 So the question that arises; "Is Detroit rebounding?" I think the answer to that is written on the chalk board. Our mystifying man of Motown can only give the world subtle hints to what is beyond the horizon for Detroit. But from what I can gather, the younger generation is taking notice of the blank canvas of opportunity which is Detroit. Hum? Starting over, that may be the direction Ionosonde Recordings should be going in. Discovering new sounds - going in a different direction - starting fresh. "Out with the old, in with the new" I think it say's on the chalk board? Ether that or "Eastman was here" I think my vision is going.

 Change is good for both of us and Detroit. After developing the film I used, I was surprised to see Eggie Kishnoshky in front of the blackboard - teaching as you will. Teaching what? Change? Letting go? What ever subject this course is about; we're all paying close attention to our professor because the future depends upon us.

 Writing this last blog entry minutes from twelve midnight, when the calendar year ends and the grandiose machine gun fire starts here in Detroit. I rise my glass of cheap, spiked eggnog with whiskey to a new beginning. Not just for Ionosonde Recordings, but for Detroit and you and as always, I leave you with an image of one of Detroit's most mysterious characters (taken at a warehouse being renovated) . Burying the past in ankle deep snow and presenting the new year with a gift in his hands, Eggie Kishnoshky is just another figment of our imagination that slips through time in a city that's decaying back into sand. Or is it?

download "Detroit New Years Eve 2015" here

                                                Solitudes from Detroit

Dedicated to the loving memory of my aunt Virginia who passed away Dec 31, 2015 at 3:05 pm
                         (a graceful snow shower
outside my back door signaled her departure)