Over The Time Cliff 2016

Words, photo, and sounds by: Telegraphy

 Well here I am once again sitting in my favorite lounge chair sipping on an adult beverage while writing this blog post just minutes away from 12 midnight. This time I'm in a different location then years past - at my brothers house. For the past few months I've sacrificed leisure time for hi-fidelity audio. Building my own hifi is a challenging venture. Ever since I got hit with the "audio bug" it was hard to shake it off. Spending considerable time away from basic responsibilities like house cleaning and maintenance, hi-fidelity audio really takes a hold of your daily life. Like a hard drug you become addicted to it's sounds. I feel like a junky out in the cold streets rummaging through dumpsters to find my next high - only this is desperately looking for the perfect sound. Ah, yes like all parents of those adolescents teens who got involved in the wrong crowd, "It's just a phase their going through. It shall pass!" I'm not so sure about this. "The audio sound oh so good", I say.

  Watching the 33 rpm record spin on the transcription turntable, I gaze into it's hypnotical record label as it turns and morphs into oscillating colors and shapes. This album is from the golden era of 60's psych rock. So it would do that, right ?  Listening to swirling bass rhythms that imamates through my vintage EV twelve inch woofers, staring at their home built transmission line cabinets, with low frequencies that I can feel in my chest. (It's one thing to here sounds but feeling them is different) As the bass kick, I move my attention to it's smaller brother the Stromberg Carlson midrange speakers ensconced in my hand made cabinet creation. It's highs shrill forward towards me  with confident reproductions of soft singing voices. Going higher and higher when it's effects peak out on a symphonic gala of ultra high frequencies that only a tweaked out tweeter whose mutinous resistance of about 8 ohms can handle the altered effects of hi-fidelity audio........Or maybe it's the absinthe I'm drinking tonight.

 Anyway with all that said I digress. It got me thinking about 2016 and all that I can say is, "mehh" Not a bad year, not a good year ether. Just, "mehh", and I think that is the general consensus of us Detroiters. Everybody else, elsewhere seems to believe 2016 was the most horrendous year ever. Filled with political upsets, mass celebrity die-offs and a lack of pop culture latest crazes - this year was by far a year to sweep under the living room rug. So how come 2016 in Detroit was a non-eventful city ?  I mean surly a major city bankruptcy was far entertaining enough. City's like New York, Boston and Chicago tisk - tisking their sophisticated fingers at us, as they brazenly say under their own breath, "Told you so."  So why were we absent of news making activity. Is it because we took a restroom brake from the oh so important staff meeting or maybe we ran out of ideas for culturally shifting humanity  through music phenomena's like techno and Motown? Maybe not ? Detroit has always contributed to the human race with new music and being the poster child of how not to run a city. Yes we had our share of city bankruptcies and money grabbing mayors but I think the city is taking a seat this year and just observing the changing landscape that has unfolded before us. Free entertainment I think is the proper term.

 Growing mature in life, wise and more cautious is what I think the city is going through. Detroit started off the twenty-teens with rotten mayors, the decline of techno and of course the city bankruptcy. During this period we were like a twenty-something finally out in the real world - arrogant, stupid and spending money on things that only creates problems. The city survived drama and financial loss. Now that we are past that phase in life, we are now into our thirty-something's.  A little bit more reserved spending money, wiser and less likely to move back in with the parents. Taking a stand back to take inventory of the situation all of us are in - in 2016 is hard to do when you've gone so deep into debt and ruin. There's still positive feeling all around the city from people that want change for the better.  Safer neighborhoods, more reliable mass transportation, better financed public school systems and better maintenance of the city's infrastructure (water system, bridges, and roads) A big anticipation from the people is rising throughout of a better city. We know it's coming - we can feel it! Has Detroit finally leaped across the great abyss toward a magnificent metropolis once again? Coming full circle ? Only time will tell.

   Speaking of full circles, my record and drink are about done. And as the time ticks down to midnight, as another (mehh!) year comes to a close,  I leave you with an image of one of Detroit's most mysterious character (taken at a undisclosed hifi listening room ) . Burying the past in ankle deep snow and presenting the new year with a gift in his hands, Eggie Kishnoshky is just another figment of our imagination that slips through time in a city that's decaying back into sand. Or is it?


Secret hifi listening room

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                                           Solitudes from Detroit

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  1. I totally get it Rick! Its like my digography, I can get to into it and the hours have flown by! We are a passionate breed and seek perfection no matter how long it takes to achieve it!!